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  • bandi ·
    Hey Amanda, I miss you toooo :pinklove:

    I'm with FEMA, workin' in Joplin Mo, 10-12 hrs x 6 days a week, and I have to drive a Chevy Cruz instead of my FJ Arrrggg !..... once done here, I'll be off to the next state they send me too... Rinse/Repeat... ;)

    I hope all is well with you little lady ! :bigthumb:
    bandi ·
    YES YOU HAVE been a stranger.... How are you !... Hope you have been well and HAPPY !... Miss having you around, your lively and comedic comments too !... :pinklove:
    ruebarb ·
    Thanks for the friend request, you get to be #1. I didn't realize this was a feature.

    Haha the metric joke, ahh that was fun times, all those poor people that came into the chat room. When I took my recent job, all that fun kind of ended.

    Alot has changed in the last few years, Mikey is moving to the US. You went from working in an accounting (if I recall), have a bad a$$ SAS FJ on 37's, I'm envious, and got engaged. Me I'm still traveling waaay to much for a natural gas pipe line doing envi work, got engaged to my Canadian, been dating 10 years now, get married when she finishes her doctorate. My FJ has only seen interior mods and a new bumper, would kill for SAS, but 35's will have to suffice in the spring.

    Completely Random, but about 3 years back, I was walking into a Starbucks in Sharon, MA and did a double take, your twin was walking out. I bet you didn't know you had one. So which one of you is the evil one?
    bandi ·
    This is a sign I see when I am out doing site inspection at applicant locations...

    It say it all really ! 8-D

    Woodsman ·
    Great to see you back on the forum, at least for a few minutes. I little birdy tells me you are engaged (OK, the birdy was your Facebook page). Congrats ! PS - we need more pics of your rig around here for the newbs to drool over.
    bandi ·
    WOWZA.... it's been a Long Time Amanda'.... Hope all is well with you.... I miss your "humor" here on the forum.... I have been in Nebraska since July, working with fema now.... Hope to get home in Nov', Dec' at the latest....
    mikey ·
    Things are well and busy. So busy in fact I am going to be moving to the Good Ol' USA.

    Going to be in Houston, quite possibly before Christmas if not just after. Heading back on Nov 8 for 2 weeks to start work(transfer) and seriously look for a place. Not usre if Texas is ready for me yet! jk

    Glad to have you back around
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