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  • RichJacot ·

    Jacob and I will be heading out to Moab in early Nov.. Jacob will be pulling his small trailer with the bike. He's planning on taking the bike to numerous different locations over the week we're there. Well long story short, we'd like to find some free camping that's not as far off the road as 3 stones is, nor as rough. We really liked 3 stones but he doesn't want to have to drag the bike in and out that far on the rough road every day. Do you have any ideas?

    If it's okay you can email at the below. It'll be quicker. ;-)

    [email protected]

    Moab Junky ·
    Thanks Chris.

    Mud flaps might be too thick. I used a piece of conveyor belting I salvaged at a gravel pit years ago. It is 1/8th inch thick. Let me tell you, getting that cut out and manipulated to fit right was not easy. I started out with thin cardboard and made templates first.
    Chris Anderson ·
    Loved your exhaust exit of your fj. I was having trouble finding out what you used as a valence to cover the body in your build thread. I have been contemplating using mudflaps for a large truck but was curious to what you used and how you acquired it
    Moab Junky ·
    If you want a more difficult trail do Poughkeepsie gulch. Most of the other trails are super easy (yet steep and cliff ridden) and it's all about the sight seeing. It's so beautiful up there you can't go wrong. You will be in snow this year. They will have to work very hard to get the trails open in time for this.
    Moab Junky ·
    I'd do Black Bear, Imogene and Engineer Pass to Lake City and back through Cinnamon. I may be up there sat and Sunday if you are free.
    Thorn661 ·
    Hey MJ I am selecting trails for the Summit and I've never been there so I was hoping you could make some suggestions. Thanks
    Geezer ·
    MJ, a little help if you can? I have Bilstien 5100 height adjustable shocks with Toytec heavy duty coils on the front and coils and shocks with air bags on the rear. Air bags are for when I pull my tear drop camper. All of this was done to achieve a 3" lift and leveling. I also installed longer sway bar links in the rear. I have removed my front sway bar due to the lift but want to reinstall it due to the way my truck handles, just not satisfied with turns and perceived body roll. I have tried without much success to find a front sway bar relocate kit. I thought I had one but it did not fit a 2013 FJ. Any ideas or thoughts on best way to solve my issues?

    Second question trying to figure out how I might be able to enjoy a trip to do some wheeling in Moab, but I prefer cooler weather. What is best time of year and what about camp grounds in the area? Any online site info would be great but also to draw on your experience would be beneficial I'm sure.

    Geezer (Ray)
    Moab Junky ·
    It's actually in real good shape. Just some minor sratches from sliding it into the back of my truck.
    If you were here i'd just give it to you. Boxing it up and shipping to Ma???? How about 25 bux for my time and whatever shipping is???
    primfj ·
    My mailing address is
    Mark Brooks
    121 Tulaka blvd
    Heber springs Ar.72543

    When you figure out the shipping let me know and ill get you a cashiers check or money order in the mail

    Thanks so much!
    Moab Junky ·
    No worries. I'm trying to tuck this exhaust and fab a rear hitch mounted slider and didn't get it done yesterday. I"ll prolly stay home and finish it. Let me know when you want to go!!
    snafu58 ·
    I thought about it when I first saw your thread. The MS. had plans already set up. The way work is looking for this year, I should have time all through the year.
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