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  • Leszmor ·
    Hello LT/Mark I just caught your post for the Labor day sale @ 9 pm on the night of the 1st returning from a Lake trip. I've been looking for a great time to pull the trigger on a complete suspension kit after just finishing all my research. So I went in & Created a account to place my order & it tells me the Labor Day code has expired so I was wondering if you would be so kind to honor this offer to me with a phone call tomorrow or if I have to place it online I will. Thanks for your response to this little hick-up.

    Les Linker
    wackman ·
    Hi maybe you can help me I have a 2007 fj cruiser I have 6inch rough country lift and I need new rear lower control arms do you sell them if so please let me know and how much thanks for your help. thanks craig.
    simonuca ·

    I'm writing cause I'm on the market for new Offset Rear Lower Links for my FJ (SKU:
    MT-GSJ-4025), I don't live in the USA but I do have a freight forwarder in Miami who has arranged the shipping to Chile on other items I've bought to my FJ. Can I pay you through PayPal? Can you send the links to Miami?

    Can you provide dimensions and weight of the shipping box so I can get a quote from the freight forwarder?

    Looking forward to hear from you, regards
    Rob Donnell ·
    Hey what is the weight on the ironman 4x4 commercial bumper.

    Also the same on the arb. Of the ones you sell for the fj which would you recommend
    4Runner4Sho ·
    LT. We spoke last week about my concerns on long travel and KDSS and you turned me to this forum for the group buy. Can't thank you enough, great to have such outstanding companies helping us all out and staying involved in the community.

    I have placed my order on your website for the groupbuy and I expect paypal should be sending me the invoice shortly. Thanks again for your efforts and you can add another one to the list!

    EDIT: Sorry, I meant to PM that.
    rockerff ·
    I just found your gb for the uca's. A day late of course. Anyway you'd be willing to extend the gb til this evening so I can place my order? If not, I understand! Thanks!
    FJ4 Tahoe ·

    I recently purchased an 07 FJ with a Procomp 6" lift with 35" tires. I noticed the gears slipping a little when I am fully throttled out and I hit a bump. Would re-gearing to 4.56 solve this issue? Please explain the difference between the 4.56 and the 4.88.

    Thanks for the info.
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