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  • eggsandwich ·
    Hi Nestor,

    I also tried the messaging app on this FJ cruiser forums trying here too!
    I'd like to get one of the 28" antenna is all black with adapter and medium Firestik springs please.
    Let me know what you need.

    I'm in CA.


    On Sep 5, 2019, at 11:23 pm, Nestor Angeles <[email protected]> wrote:

    Thanks for the email message.

    Yes, still make them.
    They are $65 shipped via USPS priority mail.

    The 28" antenna is all black with adapter and medium Firestik spring are powder coated in satin black finish.

    Take care
    eggsandwich ·
    Hi Nestah,

    I asked you about the aerial - you said the 28" antenna is all black with adapter and medium Firestik spring are powder coated in satin black finish. You quoted me $65 via USPS - can I order one please?

    ClassicFreedom ·
    Gotcha - I'm just thinking about giving myself a little extra breathing room without redoing my suspension (I bought my FJ used and it came with the TRD Pro package - Bilstein shocks... not adjustable though). I figured maybe a spacer/leveler in the front is good for now... I saw that you seemed happy with what you had, any strong opinion(s) on the matter?

    BTW - coming to see you about headlights is a matter of time :)... not in the budget just yet, but I promise I'll reach out the moment I make the decision.

    Love that you're from the Bay! Hope to cross paths with you sometime!
    Schendrickson ·
    hello Nestah.
    I have a 2010 TT that I am ready to upgrade my headlights and turn signals and tail llights. I love your builds. Do you offer them for sale? How difficult is the install? What is the cost for something like what you have listed as Josh's build?
    DFW Piper ·
    Hi Nestah.... I found on some threads that you have busted out some cb mount brackets for people... I was wondering if I can pay you for one? I actually ripped out the regular radio antenna and tried to put one there with a little bracket. But I can't make my SWR go below like... ten(!) I was once able to get it to about 3, but that was when I put a jumper cable between the mount bolt and the negative on the battery. I figure the grounding and/or the ground plane sucks because the mount is below the hood cover. I was hoping you could get me one that's a little more custom for that spot, and where the antenna mount bolt begins above the cover. Anyway, I'm at my wit's end for what to do at this point. I figure maybe one of your brackets could fix up my ground plane, but still have it in the same location. Thanks!
    4orty6and2 ·
    how much will it run me up to canada. padded envelope should keep er cheap for shipping. I have paypal.. let me know.. and thanks for the message..Corey
    redgreen ·
    Hi Nestah, would I be able to buy a FM firestick antenna adapter from you? or where I can gather these pieces from?

    ksfrogman ·
    Nestor, I PMd Wickedpsi for both the batteries and the winch. I'm hoping that the batteries can be mounted if I decide to go with aftermarket bumper, which mandates relocating the Washer reservoir. I already ordered the Expedition One reservoir, but in the 2013 FJ, the air pump has to be relocated as well. Hope there is room for everything under the hood.
    Fresh on board kid ·
    hey buddy,

    I was reading ur comments from years ago about oracle halo lights. I am wondering about to install my headlight for it. Do u have any suggestions? Is it good or bad stuff?

    Thanks so much~ :>
    Fresh on board kid
    Matthewkort ·
    Word has it that you may have put 2010+ fj shocks on an 07-09 fj?... If so pls give me details, im looking at picking up 2012 TT shocks and using it on my 08 along with toytec leveling coils, but im getting a run around trying to find info. Thanks in advance!
    mrsarcasm310 ·
    Hello Nestah. I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to mount a Firestik antenna to my stock am/fm radio mount. I prefer to replace the stock mount with something sturdier that is made to receive the 3/8"x24 threads of the Firestik. Thanks for your help. Jason
    Bimmster ·
    I was on the unique mods section looking up LED/LIGHTING mods and noticed a few peoples picture links were defunct...all of yours and your stuff is always the coolist on this fourm.
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