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  • Ifyoucantductit..... ·
    hey Steve, shamol here was talking to Russel and he said you have doors for the cruiser. are you going to use them? I could totally use them if your not going to. thx
    rifleshooter ·
    Hey, Sharon Sadle (WIPS fellow) says she knows you! She's the graduate student that I helped on her collection of latest Devonian bryozans, crinoid stalks and calyxes, and other stuff out of the Coffee Pot fm.
    TitaniumTonka ·
    HELLO! Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU and great job with the trail leading at the summit. I had a blast and look forward to wheeling with you next year! I am going to try and plan a trip to denver to wheel some trails or a trail there in late august or early sept if your interested. It was great meeting yall!
    Well-Strung ·
    Ocr... I wanted to send you a message and thank you for the offer to help!! It's really nice to have such a good group of people here locally!!
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