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  • BroadSword ·
    One of my first times actually doing anything on this forum, other than looking for mod tips. I think this is how one goes about PMing. Anyway, I too live in NOVA and saw your post for the rock rail giveaway. I am interested in the rails, very nice, but more interested in where you go off road around here? I've been trying to get the cruiser off road ready since i got it 3 years ago.
    Thank you,
    joeboy ·
    I saw the fj bruisers website and saw that there is a yearly fee because there is benefits to joining the club. What kind of benefits are involved??
    seth86 ·
    papa dragon!! how did you do your dual battery?!?! i have a 2014 ttue and I'm looking to install a national luna battery system. your set up looks like the answer to my problem of placement. any help would be amazing.
    Your avatar pic, looks like you were in the Rt.234 Dumphries floodplain in the mud, next to Rt. 95!
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