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  • jamesepoop ·
    I didn't see this! The fenders are mixed. Fronts are Trailer Products offroad fiberglass and the rears are by McNeil Racing. I mixed and matched because McNeil only offers a single piece race fairing which includes the hood and fenders together. I didn't choose the Trailer Products rear because the gas tank door mount isn't molded in place, where as the McNeil design offers a proper mold
    If I had to do it again, I'd stick to one brand. There are subtle differences between the two
    FJ-Idaho ·
    Hi Pierceg! Thanks for the welcome on the intro thread. You indicated that you are in Montana; my Mom and Dad live in the Hamilton/Missoula area. What area of MT are you in?
    Red Crow ·
    Gene. Want to start on my lid this week. What size material did you use for your lid? Do you have any pics? I can't remember if you went with a flat or a raised lid. If you went with a raised lid, would you go that route again?
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