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  • Prerunner221 ·
    OK. Just sent you the pictures. The "custom" job isn't really that big of a deal. You're basically holding the light up on the inside of the grill while placing the cradle on the metal bumper, then just notching it accordingly. Can't wait to see the 20 in there. I think it may even be possible to put a 30 in the grill. but that 20 is going to throw a bunch of light.
    Prerunner221 ·
    There should be a small gap over the light when all of the mesh is removed. I just pushed the top tabs of the cover over the light and the pressure from the lens against the top of the light and the bumper, along with the tabs doing there thing, was enough to keep the lens cover in place and sitting flush on the light with no issues. Even during some rough off-road driving including washboards the lens never moved.

    If I forget to get you that picture in the next couple of days just remind me. I work 12's on mid-nights, so when I get home I go right to sleep. Good luck with the install. I loved the 10 inch but when I got my ARB I couldn't find a clean way to install it. Your 20 inch should throw a lot of light.
    Hey man is there any way you could shed some light on how you went about installing that LED bar in the bottom grill of the OEM bumper? I just ordered a 20" after seeing yours and want to do the same but it doesn't seem like anyone else has done a write up on how its done.


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