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  • Ronin877 ·
    This may help. It's something I wrote up for my recruits awhile back ago until they got their bearings;


    Trigger Control = (Finger Pad Placement) + (Trigger Squeeze)


    Weapon Grip = (Strong Hand dominance) + (Weak Hand support placement)


    Stance = (Posture related to target) + (Leaning forward of Center of Gravity)


    Sight Picture = (Front Sight Sharpness) + (Rear Sight Fuzziness)

    The unknown variables are;

    Weapon Familiarity, target or shooter movement, caliber size & muzzle velocity. With practice one can accurately shoot just about anything.

    Strange as it sounds, verbalize the equation above and memorize it. It will calm you down and make you cognizant when you shoot. In the beginning, slow your rate of fire of while verifying the mantra. As you improve, increase your rate of fire incrementally. It will help.
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