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  • nmgoes ·

    Thanks for the post about the headliner removal.

    How long did that process take you? Was putting it back any different or difficult that dropping it?


    nuten ·
    hi how are you i want ask about switch for dule battery?
    from where can i take wire?
    and can u add me on skype:alaqeel88

    cliffjumper54 ·
    Hey ruebarb, I just wanted to thank you for your detailed back up light post. I was pretty confused about the whole thing until I went over your install a couple times.
    Winston Wolfe ·
    Yo Jason, Just wanted to give you mad props, for the quick response and shipment of radio. Now if I can just get my chauffeur, to play what I want to hear. Thanks bro:bigthumb:
    MissFJ ·
    My twins name is Amber. If you see her again, just wave and say "wut's up slut!" don't worry she'll wave back. Might be with one finger :p
    opie's dad ·
    ruebarb, thank you for your write-up on the back-up lights. I used your posts and pictures and everything went great. I just wanted to say thank you.
    Jack Dossey
    "Opie's Dad"
    MissFJ ·
    "ruebarb has not made any friends yet " 4 years and no friends...that's just sad! Are you still telling people about the metric compass conversion??!
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