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  • POE ·
    What size spacers did you need to get the 16" Pro Comp Series 51s to fit? I really love the look of that rim and 16" is very attractive to me. I've been looking for spacer size.

    Did the spacers change your steering/handling at all? Were you overall satisfied with the 16" Series 51's?

    Edit: I meant to PM this to you. Please reply to my PM cause I'm not sure if I'll get an email notification if you reply here. Thanks!
    DezRomer ·
    Thanks for the reply Shack.
    No Dez running here locally but Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming has tons.
    Like a lot of guys the Toyota is also a truck I drive on the street. So it has to have good road handling characteristics as well.
    Part of me thinks I'd be "Just Satisfied" with Old Man Emu, but I want more performance as well as lift.
    I'll keep reading on the forum but a lot of places are having black friday sales now and I can get a good deal (20% off Icon) if I order by tomorrow.

    Did you install your system? If so, any portion of it a real pain to do? I only have experience with live axle set-ups. I've never done an IFS front. But it looks manageable to me. Any tips?

    DezRomer ·
    I see your in Colorado, Me too, Colo Springs area. My 2012 FJ needs some modification.
    Been thinking about buying an Icon stage 2 with Icon Tubular UCA's.
    I don't need a "Rock Crawling Kit" just a good reliable kit that can hold up to driving desert 2 track at moderate speed with some load on the truck.

    At $2,500 do you think it's a quality suspension. I will also be adding an adjustable track bar and maybe the Rokmen rear upper and lower links. Do you think it's an over the top kit for the application I describe?
    I only want to spend the money 1 time and be satisfied with the results.

    I plan on installing it myself as I have built several Land Rovers with similar types of 4 link systems.

    Whats your opinion? Jump on it and don't look back, or look at other options?

    Choochtex ·
    If you have any of the kit's still left, I'd love to purchase 1 from you. Just let me know price/shipping and I'll make it happen.
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