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  • bradleydelliott ·
    Boy the FB guys are rough....

    Your write up was great... but needing some expert advice.

    Thoughts on wheels, tires, lift. Looking at (5) LT285/70/17 Toyo AT IIs, with (5) 17x8.5 ET0 Method NV (MR30578560500). I know OEM is 265, can I get away with 285 w/o lift? This is a daily/work truck, looking for good all around tire, wet, snow, pavement. Pic is the inspiration. Was also looking at OEM Steelies. oh... I was looking a spacers, worse or help? Not super happy with wet performance with OEM. I also was recommended Nitto Terra Grappler G2.
    Donald Barnes ·
    Hey man. Could you help me out? I heard you were the go-to guy with tires and wheels. Would you mind figuring out if this setup will 1) fit together and 2) rub at all?
    I'd driving a 2014 FJ Cruiser, if this helps.

    Lift: 3 inch toytec boss lift

    Wheels: 17x8 Black Rock 908B YUMA matte wheels. Offset is 0.
    Backspace is 4.5

    Tires: 295/70/R17 Nitto Trail Grapplers

    Another question I have is if I will need Light Racing UCAs and/or a body chop with this setup.

    Hey, sorry if this is an annoying question. I'm just an excited newbie ready to start on mods.
    opdsgt ·
    Cobra, I read with great interest your December 2011 post on wheel size and backspacing and tires. I have an '11 with 3" ToyTech, no BMC and factory UCAs. I'm on stock 17" alloys and run 285/70/17 KM2s. I have a little (not a lot) of clearance at the UCA; I've got plenty of room currently at the body mount.

    I want to replace my KM2s with 285/70/17 Toyo Open Country MTs on these FUEL wheels, but I'm confused about offset. If I want in increase offset just a hair without encroaching on the body mount, do you have an opinion on which wheel I should select? Fuel Off Road Anza Gray Wheels

    I would greatly appreciate it.

    Happy, safe Fourth!
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