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  • blipski ·
    Hey man, I had a question I was wondering if you'd be able to answer, it's regarding the Bussmann fuse/relay block that you've done.

    I'm trying to wire my own, and I know I could likely just copy the setup, but I want to be able to understand why it's working. I noticed you're using 4 fuses per relay, could you explain this? I think I understand why you would use two, a fuse on the incoming wire from the power source, and also a fuse on the "other side" of the circuit aka to the ground. One on each side appears to be unused. Are you just using them as spares?

    Thanks for your time, and thanks for all the info you've posted on the topic!
    Pepe98 ·
    I can only say I admire your clean, thoughtful and detailed work. I have done about 6 blue seas setups and now have a new truck I want to do this with. There is definite satisfaction when you do things right and it all works.

    I would like one of the mounting brackets if I can order one still. I can PayPal the $ or whatever. The time and detail in your write up is fantastic and I understand how long that can take. Thanks and I hope I haven't missed out on the mounting bracket.

    ajjeepguy ·
    I had a question and you seem to have done a lot with the ARB bumper and the lights, I was wondering if you thought any of the rigid lights would fit in the fog light spot or if you knew of anyone who had done this. I was thinking about doing both the Fog lights and the Side markers with Rigid lights because I already have 2 mounted on my ARB bumper and I have the Rigid FJ grill on order. Any help would be great thanks
    cottagefarmer ·
    Hi, saw your post, can you send the pdf? Related to this:
    "Re: Factory AUX light switch
    Actually, the wiring isn't all there. You'd have to purchase a harness that plugs in between the new switch and the fuse box area at the driver's kick panel. You'd also need a Toyota relay and a new fuse in the fuse box. Beyond that, you can plug your lights into the existing wiring harness over the driver's side wheelwell under the hood. The Toyota relay is more than enough for your KCs. TRD Source sells a few kits that include the different parts mentioned above. Order "Aux Switches" Here

    PM me an email address if you want and I can email you the pdf for the installation instructions for all of that so you know what's involved. At least then you can decide if you want to just run your own wiring or use theirs. Personally, I've got one switch using all Toyota stuff and also another OEM switch that I ran my own wiring to and just used their switch.
    FJX2000 ·
    Hello again, i was interested on how you installed that LED light bar on your hood vent, it looks like a really good idea and if its not that hard i would be interested in doing it for sure
    Thanks for posting on HID day light running lights on how to disconnect them perfect now the HID will last a lot longer!
    FJX2000 ·
    Hey i saw that you had that 1.25" body lift from 4crawler on your FJ and that plus the suspension lift looks AWESOME and is exactly what i'm looking for with my FJ, so i went onto 4crawlers web site and it just seemed very confusing and unorganized so i was just wondering what exactly you ordered? Cuz i saw that they had multiple different kits to choose from but i don't know that much about all that so if you could let me know that would be great. Thanks.
    dustin_writes ·
    Hi, I'm interested in your map light mod.

    Sounds stupic, I know, but I'd like to see how other folks have done it.

    Do you have apost on that? I'm interested in mounting some sort of light under the stereo area/ over the switch panel. Can't see my console very well in the dark.

    Do you have any posts on your map light install?
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