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  • JRTHEMAN33 ·
    hey sir subverto. I changed jobs, shanged emails and lost my login info to the forum. Where has everyone gone? just want to say hello.
    Papaobewon ·
    Hey Subverto!
    Long time! Is Nick still at the Firestone on Colfax? I referred someone yesterday to him! But since its been a year I wasnt sure if he was still there? I made the Schofield Pass last year in August came in from Marble , so as to see the Crystal Mill and town got to the Devils Punch Bowl and cruised over what I call "The Devils Ledge" the exposed and cambered edge overlooking the bowls! Made it to trail head and several old guys were amazed I made it up! Shook my hand! Spent the evening in Crested Butte as wife vowed" never" again over the Ledge! Overall, great time with the family! Was fortunate enough to get into Summit ! Wifes fast typing skills did the trick!
    Take care,
    RCinMN ·
    Subverto---I was thinking of doing the same exact thing as you with the air dam and LEDs. I sometimes carry a 17.5' canoe on top of my 2013 TTSE and don't want to ding the lights when I lift my boat up there (supported on Thule bars). From the photos you posted, it looks as though those 4.5" LEDs actually do extend a little beyond the top of the air dam. Is that true? (or maybe the photo is misleading)

    busterb243 ·
    Hey was with you at Metberry and my wife really liked your interior dome lights. Can you give a little help on where to get them.


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