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  • YetiFJ ·
    Hi, had a question for you, what size tires are you running on your FJ? Also what kind of wheels do you have?

    Thanks!! Love your FJ

    Mtc54632 ·

    Michael Cantwell here, and I'm looking for some experienced help on flat towing my '07/6M FJC behind our 40X Discovery. I've sent you a friend request on the FJC Forum and wanted to add this as I'm running out of time getting back on the road.

    We're moving from our 19' Airstream into the Discovery and towing our FJ is a must. I've scoured the forums and came across your work, which makes sense.

    What troubles me is another poster said TCase had to be in 'H' and NOT in Neutral because the hubs were locked in N. Yet you have done it successfully.

    I like how you verifed the TCase temp with the digital thermometer. Nicely Done.

    Would you please email/text/or call me to lend a hand?

    I'd really appreciate it!

    Michael Cantwell
    [email protected]
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