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  • Soundgod ·
    Hey Donna, yes I will take the sliders. WHen are you guys moving? We MUST get together before you do! I still have your number. Mine is 713-576-9629 just in case. I will text you
    Soundgod ·
    Hey you mean the 22nd of November or December? We dont live very far at all and more than likely would be able to stop over and hang out for a bit...Nov 22nd is a Friday and Dec 22nd is a Sunday...let me know what day it is...and also what we need to bring

    Thanks Jeff
    Brickzilla ·
    I'm pretty sure I saw you or your hubby the other day in passing, just not sure if it was or not. Maybe ill see you guys at the meet and greet sometime soon.
    Tank Girl ·
    We are just off Mueschke Road, right where Buc-ee's is. My hubby Bill may have seen you on the road. He too has a silver FJ (Fugly), and drives to Greens point area every week day.

    cogswell ·
    Good morning Donna,
    I drive a silver 07 with black wheels and BFG all terrains 33". I drive Huffmeister every morning and afternoon. I agree with you. I'm trying to get to one of the meet and greets I just haven't been able to time it right yet. I don't get on 290 for very long so I assume you are out in Fairfield.
    Zeus ·
    Doh! see that we discussed "Scots"... meant to talk to you at WTF and never pulled you aside...
    Zeus ·
    I saw that you looked at my profile... anything that I can help you with? I'm "retired" from having my own business pertaining to rally car mods/set ups/etc. "4x4" mod'ing is new to me (well, a year or two ago), but machines are machines and one only need understand the purpose to apply reason.
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