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  • bojax34 ·
    Hey, follow Mid-TNer here. I see you got your BMC at MPG Offroad. Did they do a good job? Did they weld a new piece back in place, paint it, etc.? Thanks!
    slimrx ·
    Hey man, I know this is a long shot but I keep coming back to your FJ online and I really like the American Racing Victor wheels you had on your FJ. I see that you have gone with a different wheel and was wondering if by chance you still have the Victor wheels or know someone that might be selling 5 of them in black, 16 or 17 inch I would be alright with. Thanks for your time!
    Amerikanzero ·
    Hey, man! Fellow Nashvillian here. I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I have been reading these forums for awhile, but have yet to come to a definitive answer on this. I am looking at running bfg km2 305/70/17's on my girl. I have the BMC, 3" OME lift and light racing UCA's. My questions are; 1) Will I need to regear with these? 2) Will it fit on my stock spare carrier? 3) Are they true to size or smaller than stated? Lastly, should I just say Eff it and go with the proven 305/65/17's? I hope you can help me out! Thanks or your time.

    Oh yeah, on a side note... I got my body chop at MPG off road on your recommendation. Good call!
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