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  • fabricgator ·
    Yes, Still available. I have local interest from South Florida. When that interest came in (from this forum) It suddenly became real that I may no longer have an FJ. Now I am sitting on the fence. The FJ Cruiser really is a remarkable and able vehicle. Where are you?
    MJonesTrumpet ·
    Hi! And thanks. Ive literally been looking for a while. I LOVE mine, but I always wanted a manual, and couldn't pass it up. No, one one bought it yet, a guy was interested, but already bought a plane ticket to Washington to pick up another FJ.

    I went to Carmax to see what they would give me for it, and they quoted me $23,500. Its lower than I would like, but its not too bad, I understand they are a business and need to make a profit. I actually was just getting on to list it for that, to see if anyone wanted it before I sold it to them. Are you interested?
    FJ2013TT ·
    Hi there! Im having a bit of trouble with messages. I posted updates to the original thread answering all your questions. Thx!

    - Patrick
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