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  • Woodsman ·
    Tonya ! Can you or another mod or admin go ahead and add a section for the 2016 FJ Summit and move that date announcement thread into that section. As we near the end of the year we will likely see folks wanting to start Summit "X" threads there and hate to muddy the water with the 2015 section.

    Thanks and hope to see you there again.
    troubledog ·
    hi tlcntx,

    just ran across your posts. I'm also from Houston. I'm driving a new '14 TT having just recently traded in my 2010 TT.

    Was looking through some of the Driving like a girl posts and saw your mods. Was curious on why you chose the body armor and differential protection. Also, the hidden tail pipe. I guess I'm wondering if the existing undercarriage protection of the TT's isn't up to the task.


    dixondn ·
    Realize your dinner has turned into a monster. Would like to offer assistance, food and supplies. My wife is a pretty awesome cook and we could bring whatever you need. Pre-made or help with whatever. We have a large frig freezer so could bring whatever. No idea what the standard offering would be but would truly love to attend......Douglas Dixon, Colorado Springs
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