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  • FJ_Ahoy ·
    Where did you get quoted to get it done for around $150? with the Toyota WS fluid ?

    I just tried darcars in rockville, $250 to flush. I was going to do it, but mechanic came back to service advisor saying a service bulletin says not to FLUSH the WS trans. Mechanic offered drain and fill.
    FJ_Ahoy ·
    Wheaton Kensington area.

    I think I have a slight shudder at 20 mph , not always. Not sure if its worthy enough for Tran servic
    FJ_Ahoy ·
    Read your posting of ATF flushes.

    I recently got mine, I just purchased it at 180,500 Aug 27, 2016.

    Im just contemplating doing Trans service as a preventative measure. Per Carfax, a drain and fill happened May 2014 at 121,000 miles.

    What local shops/dealer in the DC area you find trustworthy? any specific service advisor/mechanic you recommend.

    Any help greatly Appreciated
    fabricgator ·
    Hi, I just enjoyed watching your video adventures on YouTube. I got wrapped up in the mine driving thread and followed on to the spook spoof, then proceeded to spend at least an hour watching your Sam Spade channel on YouTube.

    Neat Stuff! I gotta get out there and get more mud in my tires!

    I'm in SE Florida and between the kids destroying land leading to closures, and the urban sprawl, I just don't get much opportunity for adventure. I see you're in DC Metro, so I guess you have to travel to get to the trails too.

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for sharing your trip with me. Love the pole cam and Royal Gorge Bridge footage too. It is all great, thanks.
    AJsC4 ·
    Good luck with the trip, i am so jealous...
    hope you get some good video
    Still working on sending you the link from Rausch in HD

    Are you driving the FJ or towing?

    welderdon ·
    i live in elkridge it's west of baltimore .i'm looking for places to go 4wheeling .would also like to hook up with other fj ers for maybe a trail ride or similar
    clrgq ·
    your not third person to mention the 2.9% on a certified one. ive seen a couple certified ones advertised but i always thought that lower interest rate was only available if you had a high enough credit score, is this not the case?
    NBFJCruz ·
    There won't be a list in here unless it is a voluntary thing. You never know whose boss is watching and what people fanagle to get the time off....If yano what I

    In the next week I am sure you will see a thread start that many will post their names in.
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