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  • FJRider19 ·

    I recently purchased a 2012 2WD FJ Cruiser. As you might be aware. The front sits lower about 2.5 inches than the rear. I've read several people adding the 4wd front coils and shocks to level the truck out. However, I also want to add wheels and figured I might want to lift the vehicle either way. What is the best kit you guys offer ?

    I live in Miami, FL I won't be doing any off roading mainly driving to work and beach so I am not worried about clearing rocks or mudding or anything of that nature. What do you think best suits my needs?

    matthewpdavis ·
    My UCA ball joints are leaking. I have a 3" spacer lift on my '07. I am thinking of installing the Light Racing UCA's. Is it a good idea to replace the spacer lift as well? Just curious if replacing the UCA's will only create a problem somewhere else, or if a lift in general creates the problem.
    deanx2009 ·
    Hey, my name is Dean

    I just started installing the new BOSS lift with UCA Today, and seem to have gotten a lot of wrong parts, but could use some clarification.

    First, I have a 2014 fi cruiser. It is listed on top of the reciept and I ordered the 10+ fi cruiser UCA . I received part number 25470 which I believe to be incorrect.

    I moved on to install the front coil overs and found that the lower shock mounting point is 1/8 in or so wider than the shock..this allows free play forwards and back and the only way I found is out is when tightening the lower mounting bolt I saw the metal mounting point bent in...clearly something is incorrect, and I am putting the stock suspension back on in the meantime.

    Let me know if you can help, pretty frustrated at this point.
    MuskokaFJ ·
    Do you have any dealers in Ontario Canada? I see on another message you mention Silverwood Toyota but they are in BC. Thanks
    Briz65 ·
    Hello there, I need to replace an UCA ball joint. I believe it is LR-25480118. Could you tell me if that is a valid part number? If it is, how much for one and do you offer a military discount? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Quackaddict ·
    Hi, Okay so I've been putting together parts to do a full lift on my FJ. So far I have acquired 5100 Front adjustable Bilsteins and matching rears, and your Super flex rear coils. I'm looking at front coils and I'm wondering if the OME 884's would work well with the adjustable Bils. The other option I'm considering is your Eibach fronts. With the adjustable having a .76, 1.5, and 2.5 notch, what combination do you recommend to get as close to level as possible, a slight front rake would be okay I just don't want the front higher then the back. All stock bumpers with no extra weight but I do occasionally tow a trailer. Any advice you can share would be much appreciated. Thanks!
    Quackaddict ·
    Hi, I'm about to order some coils from your site and I am wondering if you offer a discount to forum members and if so what code I should enter? I'm sure it's around here somewhere but I can't find it......
    Loosenuts ·
    morning Darrick
    I have a 2012 and am looking to order this kit
    FJ Cruiser/4Runner Ultimate 3" lift package - Toytec Lifts: Toyota Lift Kits: FJ Cruiser Lift Kits, Tacoma Lift Kits, Tundra Lift Kits, 4 Runner Lift Kits, Sequoia Lift Kits, Toyota Truck Lift Kits
    I live in Monson Mass. Near springfield. can you recomend ant dealers in my area who can perform the install ? Ty for your time
    Omgrtfa ·
    in the process of ordering ome set up, couldn't find any sign of a blue room discount, or a military discount, do you have any to offer?
    g-Know ·

    I bought a toytec coilover kit from a member on here, which included the sway bar relocation kit. When I went to install it, it turns out it's the 07-09 kit. i was wondering if it was possible to get credit from you guys for that kit, so I can get the +10 kit. Obviously, this kit was never used, although I took it out of the bag.

    boozercruiser ·
    hey you seem to be the expert. I'm looking for a descent 3inch lift and had some questions about what tires will fit. if you could help me it would be greatly appreciated.
    xxxToHottyxxx ·

    I am going to buy the your 3" Ultimate lift with the upgraded UCA's. I am up in Canada. Who are your vendors up here. I have not really look into suppliers but I do want the best deal!! Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks
    Desert_Fox ·
    Hello, I am considering installing Toytec 3" lift leveling kit Toytec part number FJ3RSP and Front Differential drop kit Toytec number TAC DR 05 on our 2007FJ. Then we will install 285/75/17 Goodrich Duratrack tires.

    Will ths lift be enough so we do not have tire rubbing or will we need to do the body mount chop too?
    ToyTec Lifts ·
    I do not know what your issue was but I can assure you we always handle parts that are shipped in error quickly and professionally to resolve any issues.
    I apologize for the problem you had.
    FJTT ·
    Doug I read nothing but good about you and ToyTec. I just installed the 3" ultimate lift with LR UCA'S and you sent me the wrong parts and handled it in away that made ToyTec seem like it was not what others on here feel. Hopefully it was a bad day and you and Toytec please the next customer. As for me I have seen better service from alot of online places. I know mistakes happen but except it and try harder next time.
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