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  • K5WRE ·
    I know this was posted when the Off Off Topic was moved , or at least I think it was. But anyway I can't seem to find it. If you desire to access that sub-forum how do you go about it. When I try to access it I get a message telling me I don't have the privileges to access the area. Or is this sub-forum totally off limits.

    FJ Reno ·
    Right across from where the Diamond Creek Road starts is the lodge where you purchase your permit in Peach Springs.
    FJ&TJ_Dude ·
    I lived and use to camp in AZ at the Verde river a lot as a teenager and scorpions are everywhere down there. I bet I've been stung by scorpions at least twenty times. I swell up a little and the area gets num but nothing compared to a bee sting those bees light me up and I swell lots.

    Cool story and great name for the FJ. Take care dude.. Mike
    PSD ·
    Can you send me your setup pics of your rooftop fuel/water canisters and mounting system? I am looking at doing the same kind of thing for my rig, and would really appreciate seeing what others have come up with. Thank you!
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