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  • patmagic ·
    Hello Nick,

    New guy here. A member pointed me your way. I was told you run ex-cop off road. That sounds law enforcement related? I'm a JPO at the youth camp at Angel's Peak. Anyway, I'm going to do the Toytec 3" in the next month or so. I'm willing to do it myself but would like a sherper to guide me and would be willing to pay. No hurry. Straight up install would work to. Thanks
    swimcoachmike ·
    Hey Nick and all,
    I still run a 07 fj was part of sincityfj, sorry to see it's no more. Would like to be included in local fj events. Looking for alternatives to rebuild engine.
    iamsuperb ·
    Hi. I just got an All Pro antenna mount from you and I've seen on the forums somewhere you have a diagram on how to stack up the parts for install. I have a fire-flex cable. Can you send me a pic of that diagram, or maybe a link to find it? I've been looking for it and I can't seem to find it.

    Thanks, Brian

    EDIT: Never mind...I found it. Thanks anyways!
    neuropac ·
    Nick I would like a quote on your ironman pro foam cell coilovers, rear shocks and springs for my 2007. Thanks Chris
    Paradigm ·
    Hey Nick, I'm very interested in the Ironman Foamcell pros for my 2010 TT FJ. Stumbled upon the thread for them in the suspension area. I was considering the Bilstein 6212 / 5160 combo but have been kind of sold on the Ironmans after reading through the threads. I do like the adjustability! However I'm not really wanting 3in of lift in the rear. Was wanting to keep a 2in lift all way around. Is it possible/wise to run a different spring in the rear to net just a 2in lift? Also whats the current availability on these and any sales coming up? Thanks mate!

    Widows Son ·
    I was wondering if you could offer your opinion of a cobra 75WXST as a CB for my cruiser. The compactness of the unit appeals to me as I hope to have at least one ham unit in it by the end of next year. Any advise as to best antenna would also be appreciated.
    I would also interested in the filter you have mentioned that eliminates the brake assist noises.
    Thanks for your help,
    DBNorcal ·
    Hello Nick. I am interested in upgrading my suspension to level out my 2007. I am not really interested in increasing the height in the rear. If I was to do just the front FCP's, what would be a good rear shock that would match the stock rear coils? I just want the suspension to be balanced front to rear.
    pacdzyne ·
    I'm new here and to FJ's And I am enjoying it. I'm friending you as you seem to have a few of the same interest mainly Photography and that is one of my considerations when I bought the FJ, to get safely to remote places and a possible road trip to national parks next year as a vacation. I also dable in astronomy and HAM/ but abandoned my hopes for a tech license. that will likely get done this winter. I plan to purchase the President Lincoln V.3 and do the mod to allow 11 meter use. Looks like a great radio. I will more than likely have questions for you soon. :)
    FJunior ·
    Hey Nick,
    Quick question for you regarding the CB install drilling a hole in the door and routing up the rubber boot. I'm no structural engineer, however do you think this will jeopardize the integrity or weaken the door? Thanks.
    trydntru ·
    Nick I'm relatively new the forum and just moved to St. George. If ya wanna go out wheeling sometime drop me a line.
    Leszmor ·
    Hey Nick after reading all your posts about AMSoil i'm going to be making the switch to it in everything. Just had a quick question though do you use the Syn Poly Off-Road grease on all the greasing points from Drive Line Zerks to the UCA Polyurethane Bushings? Thanks for your help
    julius76 ·
    Hows it going? Just wondering if you had any recommendations here in Vegas of a good shop. I need to have a lift installed, and a BMC. Thanks in advance
    jhilo44 ·
    Hi Nick, I just purchased my Big Bill Combo and have the same issue with the long bolt. Can I get a replacement as well?
    Hey Nick, wanted to get your shipping info. I will put a box together tomorrow if you get that over. Got some hats I would love to send out. Let me know.


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