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  • Chi-Town ·
    Thanks Vince,
    How do you post a larger pic? I tried to use photobucket but was only able to add my pics as attachments which come up small until you click on them.
    jakejohnson139 ·
    Vince - Awesome. Thank you very much. I will give it a go! It will take a while for the parts to arrive. I'll let you know how it goes. Jake
    volhoo ·
    Hey Jake - the bracket is in two pieces - the first bit fits behind the spare - you remove the spare and fits the first bit on - it has a plate with holes in it that the spare's mounting bolts go thru - the spare is then fitted back into position and the second part of the bracket with the can mounted on slides into the first bit - the two bits are then bolted together with 2 bolts/nuts. Sounds complicated but it's not that tricky. I don't even take the can off the back when I need gas out of it anymore, I use a siphon istead - works great - cheers - Vince
    jakejohnson139 ·
    Hi, Vince. I had a question regarding your ORU Blitz can holder. I am new to these kind of mods, so this may be silly. How do you use the spare tire with the can mount assembly present? Do you have to disassemble the rack after removing the can to gain access to the tire? I am currently serving in Kenya with the US Army and we have to use personal vehicles. I was thinking of doing a similar mod to my Toyota Land Cruiser. Thanks for your assistance. Jake Johnson
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