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  • johndoe0123 ·
    Hi there,

    I have been following the forum for years - great effort and work and a great amount of know how thats shared and provided ! Greatly Appreciated !

    I have seen that you had sold a Bussmann Relay bank a while ago and you stated you would be going more "automated". I am currently rebuilding an FJ as expedition rig. Was wondering what you meant by more automated - what solution you went for (SPod ?).

    Thanks !
    ed6474 ·

    If you could remove all information that is not pertaining to selling my FJ. I know I previously said everything was ok. However I see I am not getting any replys. If you could remove everything except where I placed the first thread it would be appreciated.

    Thank You
    Lady in Red ·
    I feel that a member posted a reply to my oil change thread that is inappropriate and I would like it removed. How can I accomplish this?
    Wikid ·
    Thank you edhead35
    There really isn't much behind the cc frame but a few cross members, and overhead light
    There also isn't much room between the roof and the headliner toward the back
    edhead35 ·
    I was looking through your build thread and I have to say, wow that rig looks fantastic. I was looking at the crawl control overhead unit mounting tray, and I was wondering: was there anything important between the black tray and the roof? Once the CC wiring harness is out, it doesnt look like anything is behind it (between the tray and roof). There is alot of real estate behind the headliner that you cannot see when you just drop the CC unit and look up.

    Thanks, Ed
    fjcoop ·
    Did you ever do the rear diff lock on demand hack? Is so thoughts. I have a 2013 ford Raptor and can lock the rear diff on demand. I would like the same for my 2010 FJ

    Richybdad ·
    I am sure this suggestion has been beat to death, but I was thinking a visible "wishlist" either accessible from a persons profile or maybe visible within the signature block. The reason I think this would be a good idea is because if it is visble to the whole forum then those that have parts laying around, or people wishing to sell parts can contact people directly instead of looking and posting to the classifieds sections. Sometimes people have no idea they want to sell or buy something until they see that someone wants it. Just a thought. Keep up the good work.
    gearwrench ·
    Can you do me a favor? I can't access my account on my computer. I did a password reset and it still won't allow me to log in. I was on this afternoon around 3:30 and don't know why I waseven logged out. I'm using my phone and its logged in still. My user name is gearwrench. Your help would be appreciated. I'm going through withdrawals.
    BlackCherry07 ·
    can I ask you a favor and delete a thread I posted ..Northeasters Clique I was a mistake and Id really like it to be removed its in the North East region of the forum ..Thanks in advace for any assistance you could provide me.
    MotioncontrolMike ·

    Got a question for ya about the froums that I am not sure about: Is it possible to get an email alert whenever a new item is posted to the "want to sell" section?


    MAD MIKE ·
    I believe these are spam in the General Discussion.

    After when I got enough
    sathsathhb 10-18-2013 10:33 AM
    I began my journey of learning
    sathsathhb 10-18-2013 10:33 AM
    Music and there is a lot
    theapiehlingone ·
    Need your help. I saw on your old rig you were running 315/75/16 General Grabbers on a 3" lift. I was looking at doing the same setup with the same tires. What did you have to do to get them not to rub before and after you put the spacers on?
    CzechRacingTeam ·
    I need some help brother. I was a member of this site and the Toyota Nation site as well. My user name is has been banned from the Toyota Nation site? I have no idea why it was I was banned for unwanted spam which I dont remember doing or having any issues regarding that. I have been an active member with the FJ Cruiser forums and have sold many parts with great feedback. I now have a Tacoma and would like to be a part of the forum again but am having this issues and it would be great if I can be a part of this forum.

    I tried emailing the administrators on the toyota nation site but it wont let me do anything I cant even get past the login page so i cant ask for help. The only I could do a new user name but would like my account back because I am unaware of doing anything wrong.

    Can you please help me?

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