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  • JoeUser ·
    Yo, just jumped on the forum and had to give ya a wave. Hope you are well, and still enjoying that Runner!
    Fjsky ·
    Just wondering if there is a group buy or a discount for forum members on EZ mirrors with wiring kit. I am seeing over $100 shipped to MI on the website. Ouch thanks. David
    eventhough ·
    I read in a post that Ellis Precision has closed but his products are now being distributed through Red Dirt Off Road and you were tagged. Are you selling his FJC grab handles? I have a customer in our garage this week and he wants a set of 4.

    Southeast Overland
    [email protected]
    thespasian ·
    interested in passenger arm rest.. just got a fj cruiser i need one of those.. i got a 2007 and its black interior.. got pic?
    h0use0fpa1n ·
    Hello Wilson, I am looking into removing the OEM subwoofer. I read somewhere in the forums that you may be able to supply me with the panel cover that will go into that space. Is that something you may be able to help me with?
    The FJ ·
    I've heard you're the man to ask about this..

    I've lost the window trim on both of my suicide door windows.. driver and passenger side. Can you point me in the direction to buy them?

    Appreciate it.
    Todd_Ohio ·
    Hi Wilson,

    You helped me out in the past with several gadgets, including an ARB full size roof rack, so I thought I'd try you first.

    I'm looking for the TRD cold air intake for my '07 FJ. Any deals coming up or discounts available?


    Todd Muskopf
    petes fj ·
    Your'e a man of good taste. Have you owned a Troopy before?
    They are the ultimate in camping vehicles, I still had all the seats in the back too. Also make great booze bus for parties.
    Krust ·
    Hey Wilson. Im most likely going to buy an RCI front skid plate for my 2011 FJ. I was wondering If you had a code? Thanks!
    Lucky3 ·
    Hey Wilson,

    If I buy some of the less expensive black door handles could you bring them to the meeting on Thursday?


    Robert Holden
    spike13 ·
    For the black shift knobs - I called and got it figured out about the vin. Super stoked to find these!

    I see a few posts regarding discount codes - not sure if any would apply, but figured I'd check and see before going through check out.

    Have a good one,
    wuvy ·
    Hi Wilson!
    I'm lookig to purchase the FJ TT billet aluminum door sill. May I have the discout code? Thank you in advance!
    Dardwizzle ·
    Hi Wilson, I was directed by Bigguy to ask you about seat covers. I have an Army Green 2014 FJ Cruiser and I saw a pic someone posted on the site and someone had seat covers (They look just like what's on my truck now only with the color inserts) with the Army Green inserts on the seat cover. Do you know if this is something I can order, if they are made, I assume that if this was a one off it would take a person far richer then me to have these custom seat covers made. I look forward to your reply!

    rmdred ·
    Hi Wilson,
    I am new to the site and am planing on going up to the Ouray Fj Summitt in 2014. I was wondering if you know of either a group leaving the Houston area or a group I can hook up with leaving the Dallas area. I appreciate any help you could give.
    ejcagle ·
    I thought there was a standing discount code for members of this forum? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Looking to pick up a few things this week to mod the truck and slowly get ready for Summit next year.
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