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  1. Newguy

    Welcome!!! I'm in SoFlo also, Miami- I have yet to go off roading in this thing....
  2. FYI; Mobil 1 oils sale!!!!

    Maintenance Tech
    I don't know if all Advance Auto Parts are running this special but here in South Florida there is a special, 5QTS of Mobil1 and Filter for $29.99- Stock'em up!!! Advance Auto Parts - In-Store Specials
  3. My JK is gone!

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Sorry to hear what happened, by the way, as a newbie(still) what is a JK? And by the way congrats on the new FJ- it rocks.
  4. May Photo Contest Theme

    Photo Contest Theme of the Month
    Aww man, no fog in Miami....well, I will try to have wifey pose for June...:rocker:
  5. How many quarts for a oil change?

    Newbie Discussions
    Thanks for the info, but yeah, they don't have a clue and that is why I believe in do it yourself and I strongly will support such forums as this, its because of you guys that I am learning quite a bit and becoming more knowledgeable about this ride. I have all those buttons inside and still...
  6. How many quarts for a oil change?

    Newbie Discussions
    Thanks folks, just finished changing the oil with mobil 1 and I went with the OEM Toyota filter instead of the Mobil 1 this time and I did not hear a ticking sound like I did with the Mobil 1 this time and as far as size goes, the Toyota one is a bit bigger than the Mobil1 filter. I will stick...
  7. How many quarts for a oil change?

    Newbie Discussions
    See the problem is that when I went to the dealer to buy the oil and asked the gentleman who sold me the oil as to how many quarts is needed he sold me 7 bottles which I too asked him that's not what the manual says so he called the guys where they change the oil and they said 7 so that's why...
  8. How many quarts for a oil change?

    Newbie Discussions
    First i'd like to say what an awesome forum this is, I just reached 10,000 miles in my 08 FJ and will be performing my second oil change but wanted to ask how many quarts are you guys putting in when changing your oil. First oil change I went with Mobil 1 and will do so again. I just changed the...
  9. F/S OEM Spare tire cover,$70 plus S+H

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Selling my spare tire cover, color gray for $70 OBO Prefer local Miami pick up but willing to ship if buyer pays S&H. PM me. Its the cover below on the FJ.
  10. FJ Horn question.

    Newbie Discussions
    Is there anyone who has changed their horn on their FJ- I think its not loud enough and living in a city like Miami. I'm constantly using it because of the knucklehead drivers we have here but they don't even notice my sound and I'd like to change it out, just dropping by to ask if it has been...
  11. Which oil to use?

    Newbie Discussions
    I have used RP before in my mustang but the price is getting up there and its harder to find(besides online) so I'll just stick to M1- there is a sale until the 25th on them at Advance auto parts with filter.....
  12. transmission oil!

    Engine Performance
    Awesome, thanks for the tip-I'll re-use the gasket and hopefully it wont leak but I think that I'll go buy one at the dealer just to be on the safe side-there is a sale till the 25th of this month on Mobil 1 oil at advanced auto parts. Great help here. Thanks
  13. transmission oil!

    Engine Performance
    Such as this?
  14. transmission oil!

    Engine Performance
    I'm trying to prevent this scenario from happening, I need to change my oil but when I went outside to look under the FJ there are many places where to drain oil so can someone point me in the right direction as to which one to loosen up and drain from-pics/diagram would be very helpful for this...
  15. Which oil to use?

    Newbie Discussions
    Thanks guys, I'll go ahead and use Mobil one full Synthetic-now about the oil change itself, I'm pretty good at changing my own on my mustang but I'd just like to have a diagram to where to drain the oil from the bottom,pretty much the one bolt to drain it, I just went under and there are a few...
  16. Which oil to use?

    Newbie Discussions
    OK, as a newbie in the FJ world my wife's 08 Fj has just turned 5000 miles old and is due for its first oil change and I was wondering if you guys just use whatever oil Toyota uses or do you guys use something else. I'm familiar with the mustang world because I have a Shelby and we usually ditch...
  17. hi everyone

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Welcome, what part of SW Fl, I'm in the Miami area and I have been seeing quite a few FJs running around here. Pretty cool but damn, I'm tired of going over speed bumps with this capable off roader.....I want a mountain....
  18. Thank you BlackIceBob!!!

    General Discussion
    I just got around to watching that DVD (Tow Roads to Taupo) courtesy of BOB,BlackIceBob and I am amazed as to what these FJ vehicles can do. BY the way folks, people from UTAH rocks!!!! Thanks Bob. Chris
  19. Fuel light warning?

    Newbie Discussions
    Thank you all for the swift reply....this site is awesome and full of knowledge.
  20. Fuel light warning?

    Newbie Discussions
    Once the fuel light goes on, about how many miles is actually left in the vehicle before you realy have to top off? I've read the manuall but it only states to top off. My Shelby Mustang says I have 50 miles left before it is all out....just wondering the FJ will do before its all out. Thanks
1-20 of 40 Results