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  1. Scenarios

    Emergency Preparedness
    If I feel threatened enough I am not sure if this would force the crowd away or incise them to attack your vehicle. A magnitude of things occur to the human body with sound vibrations specifically...."At about 150 dB, people start complaining about nausea and whole body vibrations, usually in...
  2. Oil change gone bad

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Having gotten oil changes in the middle of road trips at non-national chains, I can only imagine if this occurred after....All you have is a receipt and an hour out ext with no real support other than AAA. Oil and the repercussions of a complete drain have always scared me, it can cause the...
  3. Scenarios

    Emergency Preparedness
  4. Scenarios

    Emergency Preparedness
    Shooting guns or long arms? You need to be incredibly careful in the interior of building if you are worried about over penetration as I stated. There are other options out there, including defensive rounds that are specifically made to be stopped by drywall. You do not use a ball round if you...
  5. Scenarios

    Emergency Preparedness
    I am not sure I agree that defensive firearms with the proper ammunition is less effect more dangerous than a pack of dogs. Dog's are unpredictable and the liability is entirely in your hands if they attack a family member, guest or get out. Dry wall should catch a hallow point and prevent...
  6. My first FJ.. 2007

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Looks great, welcome.
  7. Bad highway gas mileage

    General Discussion
    As others have eluded too....The FJ is not a Prius. It does not sip on gas and what we do to them does not do them any good in terms of gas milage. You will notice every MPH you go above 65 on the highway reduction in MPG....60-65 should be your focus. We don't build these for speed, we build...
  8. Terrible in ice and snow.

    General Discussion
    Used General Grabbers, no issues on snow....Ice means slow down and be careful. It's common sense, far too many crashes when people assume they can do the same speed they do in dry warm weather on snow and ice. Consider buying a set of Chain's for a the FJ....Plus some emergency traction...
  9. Texas Dealer Scam?

    Dealer Negotiations/Test Driving
    I have purchased multiple out of state vehicles. The last one being from California, if it was done at a dealer, I would have to pay sales tax on the vehicle. I believe I had the option to pay it to my state if I took delivery of the vehicle immediately across the border...IE use a transporter...
  10. Wire Harness eaten by rat

    General Discussion
    I did not check all the replies, got to it first. Surprised people did not suggest this right off the back.
  11. Wire Harness eaten by rat

    General Discussion
    Do you have comprehensive auto insurance? It MAY be covered.
  12. Surveilance/Security Suggestions

    General Discussion
    I have run a dash cam in my vehicle for a couple of years now. Chinese copies start around 25 dollars of the US or European made cameras. No they don't work as well, but they do work. I have on similar to the one offered on NewEgg. Most of the cheaper models have a capacitor rather than...
  13. Christmas Came Early! FJX2000's New Trail Teams FJ!

    General Discussion
    Enjoy the rig! Enjoyed working with you to make this happen.
  14. Good Deal

    Newbie Discussions
    SMALL improvements were made during the life of the current FJ. I'm not saying you should pass, if you like the vehicle, it's with in 8% of the top end of my estimate. If you like the vehicle, I would offer 500 below top end blue book and see where it goes. I would say 19-23 for a TT 08' in...
  15. Good Deal

    Newbie Discussions
    Current pricing of FJ's, I don't put that far off the mark. That being said you can buy a lot of other vehicles for the price. Keep in mind I paid less for my 08 TT two years ago.
  16. Scenarios

    Emergency Preparedness
    Put yourself in the shoes of your child or a younger member of your family. How would they respond? How have you taught them to respond? Have you tested a likely scenario? You are sitting at home and hear a knock. You can hear several rounds of knocking and a female voice asking through the...
  17. Scenarios

    Emergency Preparedness
    Water is a humans life blood. People in the modern world are regularly dehydrated due to the alternate liquids that many use when they are thirsty...Soda, Coffee, ext....Few want water as their first pick and this puts you at a natural disadvantage during unplanned crisis or extreme activity...
  18. Scenarios

    Emergency Preparedness
    Do you believe you will be sheltering in place or evacuating? What is your primary resource outside the home if you were to leave?
  19. Scenarios

    Emergency Preparedness
    Do you have a long term prescription that must be filled? Do you keep extra's on hand to ensure a unexpected disaster won't impact short term supply shortages? Have you thought about alternatives?
  20. Scenarios

    Emergency Preparedness
    I always seem to surprise others when I say the toilet is a potable water source very likely over looked. Glad to see another brought it up here. Jersey Barriers are also filled with water at times.
1-20 of 281 Results