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  1. 16" TRD Wheels

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Anyone have a set of (5) TRD 16" wheels? I am not in a hurry. Send me a PM.
  2. Bilstein 1.5" Rear Lift Coils?

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    I went with the Bilstein rear lift coils and they work well! I liked the factory spring rate, since I have no extra weight added. I drove with the 6112's in the front and stock shocks in the rear for a few hours, since I needed to run some errands mid-install. WOW...major improvement from stock...
  3. Body Shop Recommendation? Houston, TX

    Westside Lexus did great work. Thanks for the recommendation!!! Finished product below...
  4. What did you do TO your FJ Cruiser TODAY?

    General Discussion
    With 182k miles on the odometer, I finally put a real bumper on my rig!!! Thankfully, no major damage from a not-at-fault accident led to a front end body replacement at no charge to me. I ponied up the difference to get the ARB bumper installed. :grin
  5. Body Shop Recommendation? Houston, TX

    Thanks Mikesth! I plan to stop by there this afternoon to see their setup.
  6. Body Shop Recommendation? Houston, TX

    Does anyone have a good body shop recommendation near Houston, TX? After a recent collision, I need help selecting a body shop for repairs to my '07. The Toyota dealer near me in Houston had poor service at the collision center and a boneyard of cars in the parking lot. The guy in line behind...
  7. Bilstein 1.5" Rear Lift Coils?

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    Does anyone have experience with the Bilstein 1.5" rear lift coils? The part number is 36-281824. After running 175,000 miles on original suspension, I am finally ready to pull the trigger on a 3" lift for my 2007. Here is what I am planning to install: - OEM UCAs from a 2018 4Runner (<800...
  8. Code P0420 Bank 1: Which O2 Sensor Do I Replace?

    Maintenance Tech
    If you do get the cats replaced...please take pics of the old ones on the inside. I want to see the condition of the mesh.
  9. Code P0420 Bank 1: Which O2 Sensor Do I Replace?

    Maintenance Tech
    I had the same symptoms come up after the following series of events @ 160k miles: 1. Alternator died, which lead to complete battery drain while driving 2. Replaced alternator 3. Seafoamed via vacuum line and drove hard to clear system (100 miles later) --- this is when the codes appeared 4...
  10. Stock shocks and struts taking up space in my garage.

    Give Aways
    zcutt, Are these still available? I can pick them up next weekend. Regards, BaylorFJ
  11. Faulty SLT Pressure Solenoid

    Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    Does anyone have experience with replacing this component on their rig? I have seen more "transmission thump" or "did I just get rear-ended?" posts than anything else in this sub-forum. Most all of the threads I read on the matter recommend replacing the drive shaft or the transmission all...
  12. Free stock front bumper

    Give Aways
    PM Sent
  13. 2014 Annual Firestone Sale

    Wheels and Tires
    Sorry about the letdown folks! I was pumped about the deal but I received similar responses from my local shops. The manager told me to come back on January 25th for the "Buy 3 get 1 Free" sale that is valid for any tire on that day. I set up an appointment for LT 275/70R17 Destination A/T...
  14. 2014 Annual Firestone Sale

    Wheels and Tires
    Just a thought for anyone considering LT type tires: Firestone appears to make the LT 265/70R17 and LT 285/70R17 sizes to load rating "E", while the LT 275/70R17 size is to load rating "C". Do some searching to determine which load rating is best for your rig! One advantage of LT tires is the...
  15. 2014 Annual Firestone Sale

    Wheels and Tires
    I called the local shop today and was told that pricing would not be available until January 3rd. Any Firestone employees here to confirm that? I will update as soon as I find out. If the M/T's are a good price, I may jump on those instead of the A/T's. The Firestone tires have been ranked...
  16. 2014 Annual Firestone Sale

    Wheels and Tires
    Fellow Owners, For the past few years, Firestone has rolled out a "You Pay What We Pay" campaign where you can purchase tires at practically dealer cost. This is a pretty sweet deal that will last from January 3rd to January 20th. Check out the link! I am not sure if you have to register or...
  17. brakes squealing while driving

    Problems / Dealer Service
    I had a similar issue after a day of wheeling. Horrible sound. Glares at every intersection. I thought it was the pad, but instead I found a pebble stuck between the back side of the rotor and the metal rotor shield. I had to use a coat hanger to pry it out. Good luck with the fix!
  18. What options would fill the button cluster on the dashboard?

    Newbie Discussions
    Haha! What image would you put on the button? :rocker: OP, I would suggest illuminated buttons as some of mine are hard to see at night without the cabin light. EX: A-Trac & Subwoofer
  19. First FJ & First Kiss

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    FJCForum, I am so excited to be a part of such a lively and thriving forum. I have spent months in preparation to purchase my first FJC. My choice of vehicle was between a 2D Rubicon and a 4x4 FJC. My research of both forums convinced me to get the FJC. I finally got a 2007 4x4 Sun Fusion with...
1-20 of 20 Results