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  1. Help identifying rock sliders

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    you see these? At least a more reasonable asking price... $250...if you can get down to $175/200 that would probably be worth it (assuming you are still interested in OEM sliders).
  2. SEMA TRD FJ Wheels Now Offered?

    Wheels and Tires
    Stock FJ wheels = 7.5" wide + ~1.0" for bead width = 8.5" width with 4.25" centerline + 15 mm (0.59") = 4.84" backspacing. TRD SEMA wheels = 7.0" wide + ~1.0" for bead width = 8.0" width with 4.00" centerline + 4mm (0.16") = 4.16" backspacing. This means that the back of the rim/tire will be...
  3. Embarrassed to admit it but need some help identifying mods

    Newbie Discussions
    Not sure if you are saying with the old wheels and same size tires you didnt have rubbing when you reversed --- but that wouldnt surprise me especially if they have different backspacing. My guess is that you moved your wheels further outward toward the street side and when you do that, people...
  4. Best tires for Denver weather?

    Wheels and Tires
    you'll be just fine with Duratracs for Denver...and drives up to the mountains for skiing or whatever else you want to do (assuming it is a 4WD FJ).
  5. Embarrassed to admit it but need some help identifying mods

    Newbie Discussions
    I think you already have a lift of a couple inches front and rear (based on the aftermarket springs and the stance from your pictures) , so my advice is to pursue the body mount chop (BMC). Google for BMC threads on FJs. Making sure the alignment is set to factory specs can often improve a...
  6. New Owner - Same Old Fitment Questions

    Wheels and Tires
    I think the only suggestion is to take your time and research before you pull the trigger on whatever suspension upgrades you decide you need (e.g. know the full market of options, prices, advantages, disadvantages, trade-offs and planned usage before jumping in and spending their money). It...
  7. New Owner - Same Old Fitment Questions

    Wheels and Tires
    My only caution is there are a lot of people that wasted money by upgrading suspension twice and even three times because there needs/desires changed and/or their knowledge changed. I always recommend spending a couple months researching all the possibilities before someone pulls the trigger on...
  8. 2” rear lift problems/loud bang

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    Just throwing out potential ideas and this is based on daughters 99 4runner, which has an almost identical suspension to the FJ. Check to make sure that the rear sway bar links are not hitting the lower control arms as they are cycling through their range of motion. Second thing is to ensure...
  9. Starting Off Road Modifications

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    No, thicker bushings will not do the trick. There is something installed incorrectly. My guess is you are missing the front shock absorber cushion retainer that goes under the top hat. Have a look at this thread (and take another look at the installation instructions)...
  10. Embarrassed to admit it but need some help identifying mods

    Newbie Discussions
    Looks like the stock Tokico shock with an aftermarket spring to lift it. The top hat on the strut looks stock. If I were to guess, I would say Rough Country springs as they use Silver ones....but could be someone else. The good news is they didn't do the typical cheap approach by using a...
  11. Help identifying rock sliders

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech my opinion way overpriced at $350. Worth maybe $175 to $250 assuming you dont have to repaint/refinish them.
  12. Clutch throw out bearing '13 FJ with a MT

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    I think this thread may be of interest to you: I dont think URD makes the hydro kit anymore (there is discussion about it in the thread above. I only see this from URD...
  13. Bilstein Suspension Kit

    Newbie Discussions
    did you inspect the suspension? Maybe post up pics of suspension and perhaps people can point out any obvious issues
  14. Is it a real TRD?

    Dealer Negotiations/Test Driving
    Makes sense. Not OEM stuff, but probably decals the dealer puts on for added profit margin from the suckers who bought it originally. The 2010 Trail Teams in Sandstorm did come with the blackout decal on the hood similar to the one on your potential purchase.
  15. Is it a real TRD?

    Dealer Negotiations/Test Driving
    No emblem is not OEM. Those wheels are OEM but have been painted. The hood decal non-OEM too. Would guess the mirrors, door handles, bumper wings and rear bumper wings where also painted black by PO. Make sure this thing is a 4WD model (you probably already did) because the TRD option in '09...
  16. Looking to Buy, what do you consider high mileage and what problems to look for?

    Dealer Negotiations/Test Driving
    Maintenance record. I would want to make sure they have kept up on fluid changes including transmission, transfer case, and front and rear differentials. Would also inspect frame/suspension closely for rust. Most differential failures would have occurred by now. Listen for any rear/front...
  17. Unexpected connectors behind switch panel

    I have 2010 FJ....stock configuration. Under "RR Diff Lock" is the Power outlet button. Under the "A-Trac" button is the Parking Sensor button. So you probably have portions of these features available, but I am guessing you dont have the sensors in the rear bumper and you probably dont have...
  18. Rattle on right side of FJ

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Just a reminder to pay attention to the original post dates. In this case, the originator of the thread posted in Jan 2010. Maybe its the new format with the recommending reading stuff at the bottom that may or may not be current that is dredging up these old threads.
  19. Help! All opinions will be considered

    Newbie Discussions
    make sure you have read this from jimmy-buffett if you havent seen this already. And, of course he already weighed in on color choice/year. I dont think you can go wrong with either version of the TT...
  20. Need some help--Hotel Valet damage roof rack!

    General Discussion
    no offense, but I think I would point out to their insurance company they must be the dumbest MFers on the planet. It should be sufficient to price out a new one (which is required) and the current cost of line-xing it). They need to pay you for a new rack and the new cost of line-xing it...
1-20 of 475 Results