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  1. Front brake lines

    Newbie Discussions
    I dont have any new lines, im looking into ordering ss lines. ...or just taking the whole project to a mechanic. Maybe it would be easier, just to give him all the parts I rodered. Yeah i got carpet lol. It was a model home so the garage was used as an office. Havent had time to rip it out.
  2. Front brake lines

    Newbie Discussions
    I did spray PB and also used a open flare wrench. The nut heads were just too weak :( Replasing the lines are from the frame all the way to the caliper? Right now it looks like metal coming from the frame, then rubber, then mettal again at the caliper.
  3. Front brake lines

    Newbie Discussions
    So I couldnt remove the old caliper pins, which means I cant remove the old brake pads. I ordered new calipers and tried to remove the old calipers. The break line bolts that connect to either the caliper (pic 1)or where the bracket is (pic 2) are not budging. I rounded them by using too much...
  4. Front rotors change

    Newbie Discussions
    I just got new rotors delivered to me and they have 2 screw holes for securing the rotor. My current rotors dont have any screws holding them. Can i still use these new rotors and not use the screws? There were no screws included with the new rotors. Thank,
  5. Fjammer 6cd radio for sale

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Bought a new Kenwood and now have no use for the stock radio. 07, great condition, 6 CD, brackets are not included (had to use them for Kenwood) $80 OBO. I would prefer NY pick up, but will consider splitting the shipping cost.
  6. Planning on getting a new Head Unit, need some bases covered

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    So everything came in and I failed on my first attempt. 1) It might have been too much beer...but who the heck designed these brackets?? They don't fit at all. I think I might have to just dremel them and just glue them to the side...unless one of you got it to work some how. 2) The 2 wiring...
  7. $15 back-up camera install

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Any tips on drilling this hole in the frame? Don't want to end up spending a ton of money on drill bits.
  8. Planning on getting a new Head Unit, need some bases covered

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Oh I misunderstood you. So the idatalink Maestro RR will take care of the steering wheel and also give me those additional features like Trans temp, fuel usage, etc. So I would not need that harness I mentioned in my first post. I'm assuming that its not just the module, it comes with all the...
  9. Wet seatbelt no more - laziness prevails

    Problems / Dealer Service
    So I've read most of the post on the leaking of the head liner and also the wet seat belts. Almost every post was leading me to do a proper seal job. Remove the roof rack, remove the head liner, and seal the mounting holes properly. Refusing to do the smart thing, after 3 tubes of silicone...
  10. Long Island

    North East Region
    North Bab here, work in Amityville. Seen a silver FJ with like black mountain stickers on the doors a bunch of times on Southern State...not sure who that is.
  11. Relay Clicking? Ticking Noise in Dash (passenger side)

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    Got the same issue. Makes ticking/clicking noise with or without the AC on...but only when the vent selection is anything with feet (lower). So if I just select Windshield or face vent, it does not click. Lately I just leave it on the windshield setting because the wife looses her **** and...
  12. This fell off

    Newbie Discussions
    Is this good weight loss or do I need it on? Fell of the exhaust system.
  13. 2016 Epic Snowstorm Pictures Go Here

    General Discussion
    Over slept the storm, woke up to everything mostly cleared out. Found a patch to sit on
  14. Ground/Foot lights

    Thats a great idea, and the lights wont be hit by rocks and dirt...well not as much. You think there is enough room in the mirrors for the lights?
  15. Rear Diff is starting to sing

    Newbie Discussions
    Almost 2 months later and the rear diff still sounds amazing. Last few weeks I've been really beating on it...I think it likes it :grin:
  16. Ground/Foot lights

    I would like to install a couple of small LEDs under/near the rock rails. Purpose is for them to turn on and light up the ground near the truck, only when I press unlock --- or turn off my truck and about to get out. I noticed that when you are walking up to the trunk and press unlock, the...
  17. CV Joint Boot Grease

    Maintenance Tech
    About to do the same. When replacing the 3rd, noticed major grease slinging on the both outer cv boots (the ones closest to the wheels). Not sure how much to pump in. Both outer and inner, small and large are 3/8 inch in width? Whats the diameter range for the small and large? Thanks,
  18. DIY 3rd Member swap

    Maintenance Tech
    So after 5 knuckle-busting hours later the new shiny ECGS 3rd is in. Followed the recommendation for 85w140 and it sounds 1000 times better than when I got it! And weird enough, my drive shaft donkey kick went away. Maybe disconnecting the driveline and kicking it 100 times while trying to get...
  19. Rear Diff is starting to sing

    Newbie Discussions
    Update: Got the 3rd member from the ECGS, now it sounds beautiful! So happy, thank you. Now on to the leaking outer cv boots!
  20. DIY 3rd Member swap

    Maintenance Tech
    What about using 85w-140 during break-in (500 miles) and then back to 75w-90?
1-20 of 121 Results