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  1. The truth about octane boosters

    Engine Performance
    Im probaly going to get yelled at but i was averaging 300kms per tank or 13 mpg on a 3 inch lift and 285 on the beast. Two days ago i put an aditive and an injector cleaner and i went to 400 kms on the tank!!!!! I know it goes against logic with thispost but is the truth. Im in costa rica and...
  2. Demello Offroad Scan Gauge II Sale-FREE SHIPPING!!!

    Demello Offroad
    Thanks...can these guys ship this to costa rica? Any guess.? A number i can call and ask?
  3. Fuel Mileage

    Engine Performance
    Great thread
  4. Demello Offroad Scan Gauge II Sale-FREE SHIPPING!!!

    Demello Offroad
    How do you instal this?
  5. Increase FJ gas mileage - simple driving behavior

    Engine Performance
    Sure glad my gas is included in my company expense!!!!! I cant control my lead foot!!!!!
  6. FJC forums faq

    Newbie Discussions
    Just got my fj today!!!! Murdered out 2009 fj automatic with 18000 miles. Took it for a quick 1.5 hour spin here by the mountains by my house in costa rica. Cant wait for tomorrow as i am heading to my farm ( in agriculture, pineapples, bananas, yuca and my private home stash jajaja). It will...
  7. Scuba Mod

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    Hi new to the fj world...actually im getting mine this thursday.....its a 2009 black on black with 30000 kms, about 19000 miles. Got it for 32k here in costa rica....i was really looking for a stick shift but got this pretty good deal here. 32k is not bad here import expenses...
1-7 of 7 Results