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  1. What FJ engine years would fit a 2010 FJ

    Engine Performance
    My timing belt seems to have slipped, and the valves went, and it seems the cheapest course or action would be to replace the engine. Its not easy to find one of these engines with low mileage, can someone tell me if there are later year engines that would fit a 2010 with little modification...
  2. Swapping 2014 fj engine to 2010 fj

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    Hi, would it be possible to swap a more recent engine into a 2010 fj? Unfortunatly I seem to have blown my engine. Thank you.
  3. Tire Balance Vibration Fix!

    Wheels and Tires
    i went down to firestone on Lacienaga in LA....and showed them the fix at the beginning of this worked perfectly, and did not take hours to do. Thanks guys....and by the way....they are offering balancing for life, for a one time fee of 75bucks.....
  4. Running Hot?

    Engine Performance
    so how can i check if i have a heater core leak> and is that difficult to have fixed?
  5. Running Hot?

    Engine Performance
    so i took it to the local toyota dealer in Santa Monica...a technician had a look at it...(not exactly a profound deep look)..just opened the hood and looked under the car... and said probably it was fine, and not to worry about it. Hummmm....
  6. Running Hot?

    Engine Performance
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, I just bought a 2010 FJ, with TDR package. 26,000 miles. I'll try to be brief... I bought this car from a dealer...exterior and interior were very clean, underbody, the previous owner had definitely done some offroading..the skid plate has some small...
1-6 of 6 Results