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General Information

FJ Cruiser
Trail Teams
I bought this `08 TT used. I paid book for it as the Subaru dealer did not know the difference between "C Package" and "Trail Teams Edition". Previous owner de-badged the back door. Effin Jerk!

It had over $7000 of extras on it when I bought it. It is a little rough as it has been driven in Northern Alberta on rough roads and I don't think it was washed all that often, but there is lots of life in her yet. I plan to clean it up and personalize it.

[b]Planned Upgrades:[/b]
Warn M8000 winch
Four 6" Roof lights - Done
Back up lights on the roof rack
Line-X bumpers and Roof rack
VHF/UHF HAM radio with the GRSM/FRS frequencies programmed in to it
12V power points - Done
Dual Batteries
Red accents (skid plate, calipers)

[B]Damage History:[/B]
I ran over a 10" log that was sitting at the edge of the grassy trail. The log was hidden in the grass and I never saw it until I ran over it. I was not going very fast but the impact broke my front drivers side shock as you can see in the photos below. I replaced it with a non Toyota Bilstein unit.

I went out with Vegas Nick and the Vegas crew while visiting Nevada and jumped a dune a little to aggressively and broke the other front shock, the poor camber also fried the front wheel bearing on the passenger side.

I have also replaced the front drivers side wheel bearing after getting stuck in a big mud hole, normal wear and tear, but the leaking seals probably helped the bearing along.
2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser (White)


Dirt and oil
M-PAK Springtail Cargo Barrier
M-PAK Springtail Rear Door Rack
Cobra 29 NW LTD CB Radio
Garmin GPS 62s
Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Recovery gear/emergency repair kit
ARB Front Bumper with bottle opener
ARB Rear Bumper
2 1/2" wheel spacers
Bilstein 4600 Front Shocks
Pro Comp ES9000 Rear Shocks
Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ (LT285/75R16)
2 Hella Rallye 3000 Bumper Mounted
2 Eagle Eye Spot Lights Roof Mounted
2 Light Force 170 Striker Roof Mounted
4' Firestick CB antenna
48" JacklAll mounted on the roof rack
Pioneer tools (spade shovel & axe) mounted on roof rack
Smoked/tinted signal lights (these look like they were done in a hurry and I want to do them properly)
6" Rough country lift
Bilstein Front shocks (not Toyota issue)
Rough Country rear shocks
Wheel and Tire
Mickey Thompson LT285/75R-16, BAJA MTZ RADIAL
Rolling on TT wheels



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