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Driven Gently hoping I bought a vehicle that would last my few years I have left but as it is now 38,000 miles and I have a shudder problem that the dealer says will cost me 2400 dollars to fix makes me very sick. I see there are a few others having the same issue. this should be a recall but I guess since its an expensive repair its on us suckers who thought Toyota made strong vehicles out of scrap washing machines we send them take back : call me a waambulance, problem mostly solved with a 7 buck bottle of DR Tranny's shudder I really shudder to think about the alternative thats a 2400.00 rebuild
2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser (Black)


ripped out secondary air filter gas miles went up as a result almost by double. plus I use a K and N free flow air filter and a TB spacer A G force chip too which is a waste of money. Does nothing at all,
Putco interior trim kit. Bass system, aftermarket radio,
a lot of Putco trim chrome rims roof lights off road tires
me and a pioneer double din all in one with nav Back in 07 I had a real advanced system ,today im behind the
stock But I must say stock was given a good name by Toyota. I had a over loaded rental trailer and it was so heavy at the tongue that when I lifted it up with a 1 1/2 ton jack to get it off the hitch it broke all the jack's seals on a new jack. so i had that much weight plus two real heavy flat screens in the back of the truck. I cracked all the rear tires on the outer treads but yet not one bit of damage to the rear suspension. I was so lucky the tires didn't burst on that 11/2 hour hyway trip.
Wheel and Tire
17 285 R70 tires ultra rims by wheels next ,com
at the time I was using Bridge stone PA/T off road tire's great for strength lousy on longevity 30K and kaput.


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