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General Information

2007 FJ Cruiser - 6 Speed Manual
Titanium Metallic
I originally had a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport, the nice V8 package with all leather interior, but it had more than 200k miles and the motor ended up blowing on my way to visit family from school. Luckily a friend of mine had a car that he was looking to get rid of for an insanely cheap price. He had this FJ for 3 years sitting in storage after he couldn't sell it at his car lot. We agreed on a price, and I flew all the way down to Phoenix, Arizona to get it and drive all the way home to Winona, Minnesota. I instantly fell in love with it on my journey home. I didn't think a big chunky SUV could have such character, but I loved it more than any other vehicle I've had or known. I've since then done a little wheeling here an there when I find little trails around my hometown and college town, however it hasn't done anything serious as I don't have the time or resources to do so.
2014 Toyota 2007 FJ Cruiser - 6 Speed Manual (Titanium Metallic)


Looking to possibly get a snorkel, but not really needed because I don't wheel enough right now.
All stock, except new shift knob for comfort.
Currently working on making a plastic shift boot to replace the leather.
All stock, plenty of stickers that friends bought as jokes that I put on anyways.
Also has a new front grille I picked up for cheap off eBay.
Looking to either black out all the trim and bumpers, or get a new front bumper.
Standard, with the Sub-woofer.
Looking to get a 3" spacer lift off eBay, don't wheel a lot and don't have money to really put into it right now as I'm a broke college student.
Wheel and Tire
BF All-Terrains, stock size
Looking to get more aggressive tread down the line



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