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this is my 2nd FJ ive owned. the first one was an 07 model and ever since I had the misfortune of totaling it back in 2014 I made myself a promise that no matter what, I was going to get another FJ. My very first car was a 1978 toyota FJ-40 that was mostly stock except for about a 3 or 4 inch lift and 33x13.50 15 MT Baja Claws Bias ply tires. got it when i was 14 for just under 9k. It is because of that FJ-40 that I became an "FJ Cruiser Nut". the FJC is a far cry from the legendary 40 series ancestor that was said to be the FJC's main influence in many ways. My current FJ Cruiser is a 2010 automatic transmission with all the options. Dash mounted compass, inclinometer, temp gauge. factory sub. backup cam, 4wd etc etc... not the point. anyway I have been studying innumerable FJ products from every company i could find as well as all the various FJC builds both consisting of your basic bolt on lifts as well as custom fabricated and modified builds as well. I bought my current 2010 FJ with a few basic modifications already installed. it had a cheap spacer lift front and rear, diff drop kit, 5 matching kmc rims and nitto tires to match. its nice to have a 5th full size spare. as far as the preexisting mods go i am not a fan of the fact that they put spacers on it to lift it but they didnt even replace the rear shocks. So my rear end has been lifted and the rear shocks are basically almost at the tip top of the stroke which provides little to no actual help and is really awkward. I know the spacer lifts are the economical way to enhance the look but come on.. a lil common sense goes a long way. anyways so begins my current project.
My current goal if you wanna call it that is to create my own custom FJC build that is more of a modified customized build but only to a certain extent. I would like to develop and currently in the midst of making a custom lift kit or suspension setup that will utilize specialty suspension components not commonly used on these vehicles and more often found on serious rock bouncers than your avg everyday driver. But all with the goal of maintaining the everyday driving aspect of it. So as to say in so many words. Build the most capable and unique suspension system all while maintaining the best possible road driveability and comfort. Basically An FJC that maintains its stock reliability yet is far more capable in both on and off the road than any other generic or fully modified setup. this specific system im currently implementing when im done will be completely ride height adjustable. so you can run around on the road close to stock in terms of height and handling and run a set of 31 or 33s and when you feel like having fun or want to go on an adventure you can unleash the FJs true potential and run a set of 35s or maybe even a set of 37s . the 37s will require a bit of front fenderwell and body mount fabricating so i may not go to that extent but it is and will be .. essentially 2 cars in one. No longer will I have to and be stuck with any specific lift size that would have to be completely changed if i wanted to change my suspension setup. so as to say... currently im still running factory lower control arms. If i want to go to long travel arms I can still use the same setup ive got on it. If i want to get wild and go with a straight axle conversion I could still utilize the same exact setup ive got on it now. The versatility and tunability of the suspension will allow for you to change your fj in ways youve never dreamed of without having to start all over from scratch and rebuild and purchase different stuff. Anyways. like i said ... work in progress. I will be documenting in as much detail as possible different things regarding the setup im doing and if you have any questions or are curious about something i have not provided information about please tell me and i will do my best to include it when i get the chance. Thanks for reading and if your interested in the future after im done with my project i plan on making a kit in which anyone can acquire and install on their own with the least amount of trouble reasonably possible.


winch bumper
blaupunkt "for now" temporary bc im not very happy with it.
Led conversion on headlights . fog lights in bumper and many more to come soon
custom welded in magnaflow muffler
mainly stock but youll see soon enough
Wheel and Tire
kmc wheels nitto tires



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