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General Information

FJ Cruiser
Diamond Black
I bought my FJ after being a truck guy my entire life. I wanted a vehicle that did not limit my lifestyle, however, was more convenient than a 3500 diesel that I owned for 7 years.

I can tell that this rig was owned by a kid who just merely wanted to look like he owned an off road rig. I have a lot of fixing and upgrading to do, but, this FJ will become trail ready soon.
2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser (Diamond Black)


Bone stock.

9/20 Upgrade: K&N Air intake Filter
Custom built bed in the back: I designed a custom platform for the back of the FJ. It is fully compact, and fits in the back with the seats up when not in use. I wrapped it in carpet padding, and carpet, so it as a level of comfort to it and does not feel like you are just lying on wood. I also too the two front sections and mounted front for bike rack mounts underneath. Now my bike can be inside, safe and sound, and I can even leave one seat up if I wish.
The doors were wrapped, the bumper has a fake winch, there are parts that were painted red or white, (for some reason) The Rims were plasti-dipped, and are peeling.

Lots of work to do...

Update 1/9/18
The wrap on the doors has been removed. The hood valence has been replaced.

- I added Bushwhacker pocket-style fender flares. Not only do these cover the wheel, but the give the look that I wanted out of the FJ too. Really easy to install, with no drilling.

- 52 inch curved light bar added
Stock head unit with paper speakers, and subwoofer.

Update 1/9/18
I upgraded the head unit to a 6.5 inch Kenwood in dash system. I added SiriusXM radio, as well as bluetooth. The system also allows me to watch DVDs on the go.
Stock shocks and springs, with a 2.5 inch level kit on the front.

Update 1/9/2018
Upgraded to a ProComp 3 inch lift. ES 6000 Coil-overs and ES9000 Shocks and springs in the rear.
Wheel and Tire
Stock rims
Cooper road tires

Update 1/9/2018
American Outlaw Sheriff 17 X 8.5
Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac



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