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General Information

FJ Cruiser
Black Cherry
Little Foot earned her name when I spent TEN HOURS changing a tire. The first 3 hours were spent digging a hole in the snow under the truck and tires to get the rear end on the solid ground where the jack wouldnt sink into the snow. Yes, I used the world's smallest shovel. The 4th hour was spent gathering stones to place under the jack because it turns out the ground wasnt all that solid. The 5th-8th hour was spent cursing, yelling, pulling, stomping and eventually breaking the key to the wheel locks. I then called in reinforcements and had a friend bring the other wheel lock, got the spare on AND... the spare was flat. Strapped that puppy to the hood of my buddy's Miata (what a fine car) and drove into town to get it inflated. When I originally bought the rims and tires, I went cheap and only got a set of 4 so the spare was stock. With the spare on the back left and the bigger tire on the right rear, the FJ looked ridiculious and my friends called it little foot for about a month. Yes, I got the 5th rim and tire for the back, along with a case of beer.
2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser (Black Cherry)


Dirt as of right now
Dog hair from my co-pilot, Autumn
Painted Roof, mirrors and door handles flat black. Looking to do Bushwhacker pocket flares next,
My terrible singing and the wind flapping my pitbull's ears.
3'' Toytech lift and level kit. Deciding/saving for the next upgrade
Wheel and Tire
17'' XD Rims, 285x70x17 Cooper Discoverer Tires.



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