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FJ Cruiser
Heritage Blue
Trail Teams Ultimate Edition
I got this in April 2013, first additions were the cold-air intake and roof rack lights, as well as the bug guard but that was included by the dealership. From there I've just been slowly adding to the car. From the beginning, it wasn't anything big, antenna because the long boingy one made me nervous at highway speeds. Then tinted windows because I don't like to be seen, etc etc.

The bumpers and LED bars were more recent, but I had been wanting to get them from the start.

A couple more recent little things as well, like the ventlock and horns.

Next on the list is a lift, new tires (these are basically bald and definitely will not get me through winter, so I figure it's time for an upgrade), and auxiliary fuel tank.

Working on this has been a learning experience, and even though I haven't done too many modifications, it has been plenty frustrating. Things like dealing with the exposed windshield washer fluid reservoir, not wanting to cut up my front fenders and instead buying some rubber sheets and cutting those to size and then bolting them on.

Additional note: I was dicking around with Plastidip, that's why the front grill and up to the fake hood scoop are black. That was really only just for fun, I just haven't gotten around to taking it off yet. I'm going to leave it on the badges though cause I like it lol
2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser (Heritage Blue)


TRD Cold Air Intake
Expedition One Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir Kit (+ air pump relocation kit)
Switches for lights
Phone mount on the dash
JBL subwoofer and speakers
Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter Front Bumper
Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter Rear Bumper
30" Rigid E-Series White-Combo LED
20" Rigid E-Series White-Combo LED
2 x Rigid D2s White Driving LED
2 x Rigid SR-M Flush White-Spot LED
3 x Rigid E-Series/Radiance 10" Light Cover
HELLA Supertone Horn
6" Ventlock
Stubby antenna
Tinted driver and passenger windows to (attempt to) match back windows



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