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I had a series of Jeeps (CJ, YJ, TJ) Renegades & Wranglers over the years. I needed something with more power for towing. The only caveat was that I wanted a convertible. I liked the Jeeps because they were all soft tops. There were several specific needs that I had because this vehicle would be used as a Sport Aircraft Support Vehicle. It had to be able to TOW AN AIRCRAFT in a trailer and be able to GET TO IT if it landed "Off Field". I wanted a convertible because I also use the vehicle for aircraft spotting. You can see a lot more aircraft when you can look straight up! I also needed to haul aircraft fuel outside the vehicle. Plus some other special needs. I always liked the look of the FJ but cringed at going back to a hard top. I ended up with an FJ custom convertible. I know that not everyone will like the mods. It's a little polarizing. I'm fine with that. It meets my needs and is a blast to drive!
2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser (Sun Fusion)


Custom Shift Knobs by Ellis Precision, plus LOTS of little add ons.
Had the top removed and replaced with a hydraulic convertible roof by Newport Convertible Engineering. Which included a complete tare-down to the frame and a roll cage added.End result looks factory. They did a superb job. ARB Bull Bar Bumper in the front, All-Pro Swing Out Can Carrier on the Off-Road Rear High Clearance Bumper in the rear. Warn M8000 Wench. Rock Sliders with Diamond Top Plate.



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