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2007 fj
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  1. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    I got the Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Rack (84" x 56") (42104BF), which weighs 70.5 lbs. I've read in other posts that the max load on the factory roof rack is 165lbs. Anyone know what the roof load limit is without any rack (so the actual limit for the Rhino Rack can be calculated)? It's on a...
  2. Dealer Negotiations/Test Driving
    I am considering buying a 2007 FJ with 137,000 miles. Asking price is $12,000. I ordered a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle from LemonSquad, which came back pretty clean, except in photos attached from the report I can spot signs of fender tears/cracks, which I've attached below. I've...
  3. Vehicles For Sale
    I decided I was going to keep this vehicle last year and decided to pull the ad. This year I am deciding to relist it because my circumstances have changed and I have dropped the price. 2007 FJ Cruiser for sale in Voodoo Blue. Automatic with 4 wheel drive. Just recently discounted. Good...
  4. Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hello! I should have joined this forum a long time ago but oh well! I'm on my 2nd FJ - 4wd, 2007 w/ the biggest tires I could get on it w/o having it lifted! :grin I need a new back bumper (silver) and wanted to see if anyone can tell me which one I need to buy (most economical way) and then...
  5. Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    I am in the market to buy an FJ, in clean condition, for about 15k. Also under 100k miles. Let me know what you guys have!:grin
1-5 of 5 Results