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  1. 2008 FJC Manual Trans.,158K miles, IN - $13,500

    Vehicles For Sale
    Hello, I am selling my 2008 FJ Cruiser with a manual transmission. I have owned the car since 2018 and it has been a great car, but I am selling due to my needs in a vehicle not aligning well with the FJ now. The car is in great mechanical shape, with minor cosmetic defects. I can provide...
  2. 2008 FJ Manual Transmission for Sale $13,800 or Best Offer

    Vehicles For Sale
    Aftermarket Baja Roof Rack Brand new clutch 6-Speed New IMS bearing 137,500 miles Black removable rubber on rims and roof so original white color is available if desired Contact: 4057601385 Price: $13,800 OBO Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  3. 2008 with 40K miles vs. 2011 100K miles ?

    Dealer Negotiations/Test Driving
    Hi everyone, This is my first post. I am currently in the market for an FJ and I have found a couple of really good options. One of them is a 2008 with 40k miles for $23,000. The other one I am considering is a 2011 with 100k for $20,000. I originally only wanted a 2010 and above model, but...
  4. 2008 Trail Team For Sale - Denver

    Vehicles For Sale
    *****SOLD***** Hi Folks, Excellent condition Automatic TT for sale. Wife's car. Never offroaded. Bone stock with a new Curt hitch, and newer KO2's. 110K miles. Needs nothing. All maintenance up to date except coolant drain and fill. i'll include 2 gallons of Toyota Long life coolant. Clean...
  5. Wtb 2008 FJ

    Vehicles For Sale
    Hello fellow Fourms members Im turning 16 in a month so it is about that time to start looking for an fj. I've wanted an fj ever since I was 9 years old I have always thought they were the baddest car on the streets. Im looking for the best 2008 with the lowest miles for the best price. I live...
  6. FJ Cruiser Motor hesitation

    Newbie Discussions
    HI, I have a toyota fj cruiser 2008. The problem is the motor hesitates and emissions are black. I have the code p0174, when to shop and they change, fuel pump, fuel presasurre regulator, maf, spart plugs, filters. and the problem still. I dont know what else to do. Thank You
  7. 2008 FJ 4WD Auto Sun Fusion Yellow Mich USA

    Vehicles For Sale
    Asking $16,000 US 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser SWEET! 117k miles 4.0L V-6 DOHC 5-speed Automatic transmission 4 WD New tires @ 114,600 Fresh Oil change w/ full synthetic @ 116,000 New brakes all around @ 104,634 miles Toyota Extra Care Platinum Warranty good until 144,026 miles ($0 deductible) Power...
  8. 2008 FJC Low Miles

    Vehicles For Sale
    2008 FJC 75K Miles Hello Everyone, So i decided to go back to school and now looking to sell the FJ. Love this Rig but gotta make the sacrifice now. ** Located In Rhode Island** 2008 Silver FJC 75,400 Miles - Is daily for me so will very slow go up since I don't commute far what so ever...
  9. Diy programming a TRANSPONDER key for 2008 FJ

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    This will work for a 2008-9 FJ Cruiser that has a known good Working FOB or master key And you wish to make a Transponder Key (that will open doors manually by door lock and start the engine!). Transponder key has RF CHIP to talk to ignition! Again, This WILL NOT CREATE A Remote Keyless Entry...
  10. 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Edition, 6-spd Manual Trans, with only 65,000 mile

    Vehicles For Sale
    2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Edition, 6-spd Manual Trans, with only 65,000 miles. White with black Trail Teams Trim I am asking $24,000. This is the ultra-rare 6-spd manual trans with only 65,000 miles. The FJ has never been wrecked, single owner, never smoked in or driven off-road...
  11. New and Need Buying Advice From You Pros

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hello. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on my first FJ and could really use some advice. I live in the NYC area, so there will be a lot of city driving and probably not as much off roading as it seems like many of you do. I recently looked at a 2008 with about 93k miles on it. It looks to...
  12. December Member of the Month: VooDooBrew

    Toyota FJ Cruiser News
    Congratulations to VooDooBrw, FJCruiserForums member of the month for the month of December!!! For the interview by MuddyGrrl and more photos click here >> VooDooBrew
  13. November Member of the Month: Mr and Mrs Nevadaesh

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    Congratulations to Gary and Paula Eshelby (AKA Mr and Mrs Nevadaesh) on being named the FJCruiserForums November Member of the Month. Muddygrrl conducted an interview with the two, which you can read by clicking here: Mr & Mrs Nevadaesh
  14. October Member of the Month: Kristine Rosenberger AKA Momma Bear

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    Congratulations to Kristine Rosenberger, AKA Momma Bear, for being selected as the October Member of the Month. For more photos and the interview with Muddygrrl, click here Momma Bear
  15. September Member of the Month: Montana Tailgunner

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    Congratulations to Montana Tailgunner, FJCruiserForums member of the month for September!! To view the interview conducted by Muddygrrl, click here >>> Montana Tailgunner
  16. August Member of the Month: Dirtchick.

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    Congratulations to Lisa Durkin, AKA Dirtchick; The August Member of the Month here on FJCruiserForums. Photo by Rebella Photography For the interview with Muddygrrl and more photos, follow this link Dirtchick
  17. July Member of the Month: FJ_Marine

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    Congratulations to David John, aka FJ_Marine: The July member of the month here on FJCruiserForums!! For the interview with Muddygrrl and more photos, follow this link FJ_Marine
  18. June Member of the Month: MrsTennesseeSquire

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    Congratulations to Stacey Knight (AKA MrsTennesseeSquire) for being the June Member of the Month here on FJCruiserForums For the interview conducted by Muddygrrl and more photos, follow this link MrsTennesseeSquire
  19. May Member of the Month: KSheffield

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    May Member of the Month – KSheffield (AKA Keith Sheffield) Photo by Steve Lent We have a new feature here at FJCruiserForums entitled "Member of the Month". MuddyGrrl will be conducting interviews with a diverse cross section of this forum's members. Congratulations to KSheffield on...