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  1. 2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD 60k miles - Columbus, OH

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    Reduced to $20,000 - otherwise will sell to dealer on 8/26 2009 Toyota FC Cruiser "Sandstorm" 4WD - 60600 miles. $20,000. Excellent conditions. Never in an accident. Only has a couple of scratches on the bumpers. Sole owner, clean title. Front, Sides, Rear Airbags (never deployed). Comes...
  2. 2009 FJ Cruiser - SLC, Utah

    Vehicles For Sale
    2009 FJ Cruiser - SLC, Utah - $20,900 2009 FJ Cruiser in perfect working condition with 89k miles. Never had a single thing break on this rig. Many little upgrades to make this machine a perfect platform. With the second deep cycle battery you can power a fridge or other accessories without...
  3. Did FJ Cruiser Xtreme exist in 2009?

    Newbie Discussions
    Hi Guys, I am about to make a deal on a used FJ Xtreme 2009. I am based out of UAE and I know for a fact that in UAE, Al Futtaim (official dealer) introduced Xtreme in 2014. The seller of the 2009 Xtreme claims he imported it from Oman. I was searching online and did not get an official...
  4. Congratulations to Ed/BigEd78 & Misty/TideFaithful Members of the Month for May

    Toyota FJ Cruiser News
    MuddyGrrl:What are your future plans for the FJ? EDWARD: Firstly, to pay it off then take it off road in all 49 continental states. After I win the lottery, ship it to Hawaii and drive there too. MISTY: First I’m going to buy an armrest for he passenger seat, then I’m going to paint it pink...
  5. Congratulations to LilMissTNSquire/Makayla Knight Member of the Month for March/April

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    Congratulations to Makayla Knight/LilMissTennesseeSquire our March Member of the Month! *Author's note: due to a family illness, the March Member of the Month feature was delayed. That is why I've chosen to make Makayla the M.o.M. for both March and April. So she isn't cheated out of her 15...
  6. Congratulations to Pete, Steve, Vince: Members of the Month for February

    Toyota FJ Cruiser News
    February Members of the Month are the gentlemen who brought you the FJ Cruiser Forum grill badges. They are Pete/Slither, Steve/ScubaSteve, and Vince/Volhoo. Muddygrrl: What are your future plans for the FJ? PETE: SAS, I’ve already tossed the idea out there I just need to find I fab guy with...
  7. Congratulations to Matt Hughes (AKA Apexbasher): January's Member of the Month

    Toyota FJ Cruiser News
    Congratulations to Matt Hughes (AKA Apexbasher): FJCruiserForum's Member of the Month for January! For the interview with Muddygrrl, click here >>> Apexbasher