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  1. Looking to buy a FJ Cruiser in Saudi Arabia

    Vehicles For Sale
    Hello Guys, I am looking to buy a well maintained FJ Cruiser in Saudi Arabia. Preferably 2010 model. FJ guys in Saudi please help me to find one.
  2. 2010 ARB Snorkel on a 2008 FJ Cruiser

    North West Region
    Hello, I wanted to ask if an ARB Safari snorkel meant for a 2010 FJ will fit and work (able to go through deep water without destroying the engine) on a 2008 FJ. Have any of you done this on your 2008 FJ? Very much appreciate the help.
  3. 2010 FJ Cruiser Army Green w/ Rare Crawler Pkg $24,995

    Vehicles For Sale
    Extremely rare 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser in Army Green with the FJ Crawler Package! My wife's baby...until she got a horse and trailer. Needed to get something bigger to pull both, so the FJ has to go. Fully serviced. Never wrecked. Mostly highway miles (102k) as we live out in the country...
  4. About to jump on this 2010 FJ TTSE, convince me.

    Dealer Negotiations/Test Driving
    Hey all, For the past few weeks I've had the FJ itch. I've been doing countless hours of research about the different models, and issues that come with FJ's. I been looking at 2010+ models, and really wanted a Trail Teams model but budgeted myself $20,000 or less. Last night, while browsing...