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  1. 2014 snorkel question

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    So I've had an interesting day. Why might someone from Houston be asking about snorkels today, of all days? The mind boggles... Is there a snorkel available for the 2014 FJ that goes through the fender directly into the CAI? I've been planning to put a second battery in that space behind the...
  2. Magma 2014 Pre Sahara

    Picture/Media Post
    Pic was taken in Andalucia with the beautiful Rock of Gibraltar in Background
  3. Looking to buy a 2014 TTUE

    Dealer Negotiations/Test Driving
    I am looking to purchase a 2014 TTUE that is at a dealer in Texas. I have looked it over and it is in good but not excellent shape. I want to ask the forum for their opinion. It is missing the stock rims and now has satin black rims, which I like the stock rims better. The tires are now a...
  4. 2014 Ultimate Trail Teams - Manual - $36,000

    Vehicles For Sale
    I have a manual, 1 of 2500, 2014 Ultimate Trail Teams Edition FJ Cruiser for sale. It has been garage kept its entire life. Very well maintained. Front windshield is cracked, due to rock chip, working on replacing as it happened in the past few days. All maintenance completed by local toyota...
  5. FS: 2014 TTUE automatic with 60K miles

    Vehicles For Sale
    FS: 2014 TTUE automatic with 75K miles Selling my 2014 TTUE, Heritage Blue. 75,000 miles. I had this listed last year and received 3 full-price offers at $32.5K, then I decided not to sell. I am now re-listing again. Serviced every 5,000 miles at my local Toyota dealer. No dings or scratches...
  6. 2014 FJ Ultimate Edition WANTED

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Hello everyone, my name is michael and i have been an FJ owner since September 2006. i had a 2007 Voodoo Blue FJ from new till i got my 2014 Ultimate Edition. Favorite car i ever owned. Unfortunately, it got sideswiped and destroyed yesterday. No personal injuries, but i am for the first time in...
  7. New FJ driving from Washington DC to Wichita KS

    Newbie Discussions
    Hello, Sooo, I'm picking up my new 2014 FJ Trail Teams Edition on Thursday May 18 in the DC area and will need to make a fairly quick trip back to Kansas. A couple questions: 1) I would like to hit an Off Road Park on the way back from DC to KS. Any suggestions that might be along the way...
  8. 2014 FJ Front Bumper and Washer Reservoir to a Good Home

    Newbie Discussions
    Just replaced our 2014 FJ front bumper and washer reservoir. Live in Northern Virginia and not sure what to do with them. Would appreciate any thoughts? Mimi Foo
  9. Does my 2014 Trail Teams FJ have KDSS?

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    Hello. I have searched around on the forum to try and find a thread answering this question but I failed in my searches. I do apologize if there is a thread already answering this question. I have a 2014 Trail Teams Ultimate Edition FJ Cruiser and was wondering if it had KDSS. Anybody know? Thanks
  10. 2014 trail teams - Heavy front bumper - Suspension sag - want to lift 3 inches

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    So I added 400 pounds to the front of my 2014 trail teams ultimate fj. Its a road armor front bumper with titan guard, a vr10000 winch by warn, and a set of piaa lights. As you can probably suspect the front suspension sags a ton. Im wanting to lift the car 3 inches but apparently you cant...
  11. 2014 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Ultimate Edition 37,000$

    Vehicles For Sale
    I'm selling my 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Ultimate Edition . 7,200 miles on the Odometer and is an Automatic. Vehicle is in perfect condition Color: Heritage Blue (Brand New) with extended warranty, Brakes and tires warranty as well, and Lowjack installed. I purchased it 5 months ago...
  12. Newbie from Collin County, TX

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hello, My name is Scott and I just found this forum. I live in the Collin County area so I'll wave if I see any other FJs out here. I really wanted an FJ since its debut and finally got one. Got the 2014 Trail Teams back in August. I have nearly 6000 miles on it already :crying So far I...
  13. FJ Cruiser summits around the world - US 2014

    Bajarack Adventure Equipment
    Let's remember this year FJ Cruiser Summit in Ouray, Colorado... Enjoy!
  14. 2014 off road package, how to remove overhead console ?

    What are the exact steps-procedure to lower/remove the overhead console to access things behind CRAWL control knob? Thank-You
  15. FS: 2014 FJ / 4Runner trail OEM wheels and tires $1,049

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Set of 4 virtually brand new wheels and tires from my 2014 4Runner Trail. The wheels are 17". The tires are Dunlop Grandtrek AT20's in size 265/70 R17. These have less than 500 miles on them and not a scratch anywhere! Located in Oakland, CA but willing to ship.
  16. Summit GIFs

    2014 FJCruiser Summit
    I was putting together a collection of pictures and video from the 2014 Summit and stumbled across a couple of series where my brother went a bit crazy with the shutter on two obstacles; Imogene Creek, and Poughkeepsie Wall. I think they turned into something fun to try as .gifs. Let me know...
  17. Member of the Month May 2014: tlcntx!!!

    Toyota FJ Cruiser News
    May 2014 Member of the Month: tlcntx We'd like to congratulate tlcntx - Tanya Cole as being selected as the May 2014 Member of the Month. Join us for the full Member of the Month Interview with tlcntx here...