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  1. Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    For sale are a set of door handles suitable for an 07-15 Cruiser. They are Genuine Toyota Parts and were mounted to my 08 for a couple years before I swapped them out. They have some minor wear, but nothing about them is unusable or old. For the set, we're asking $40. We're located in Seattle...
  2. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Hey Guys, I am new here. Some a$$hole keyed my car for no obvious reason and made a deep scratch on all car long. My color is 2015 yellow C/TR:2JU/FB11 Any idea where can I find this paint or anything that repairs it? I googled but no info about FJ beyond 2014 (as it car is discontinued). Any...
  3. General Discussion
    What do you guys make of this: Here Any credibility? - B
1-3 of 3 Results