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  1. 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 136k miles SOLD

    Vehicles For Sale
    2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 136k miles 4x4 w/ rear locker Located in Portland Oregon I am selling my 2007 FJ Cruiser. I purchased it a little over three years ago at just under 95k miles. It comes with many quality modifications that if you are looking for a nice lifted FJ cruiser, this is a nice...
  2. 315/70R17 KO2s on 17" TRD Pro Wheels Installed!

    Wheels and Tires
    Well it finally happened guys! I made the jump from 285/75R16s on my black 16" TRD wheels to 315/70R17 BFG KO2 tires on the black 17x7" TRD wheels! (Sometimes called TRD Pro wheels, TRD SEMA wheels or Midnight black TRD wheels). I had always wanted to run a better tire than my junky Grabbers and...
  3. 3in lift with 35s??

    Newbie Discussions
    whats up everyone, noob ricardo here. i have a 14 FJ, installed icon stage 2 3in lift with UCAs last week. just bought 16x8, 6x5.5, 4 backspace wheels and am looking into putting 35s on it soon. i have been doing some research and have seen that people usually have to do some body mount...
  4. Manual trans tcase issues w/ regear?

    Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    So I am in no way a mechanic, but I have done all the work on my FJ thus far. Please let me know if this is just a ridiculous question because I missed something during my research. :program: After rausch the other week I've been trying to determine what needs to be done for 35s. The consensus...
  5. Lift help!!

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    I have a 07 FJ. Im looking to get a more agressive look. I go on wheeling occasionally nothing too extreme I am located on Oahu and drive in the sand also. I am planning on putting 35s on it and want to do a 6in lift. I was looking at the rough country spring lift for 1299$. I would like to do...