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6 speed manual

  1. First Impressions of the 6MTs all time 4wd

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    I have had my 6MT for a couple of weeks now. I got it specifically for the all time 4wd feature. My impression initially is that it stuck extremely well on dirt roads and pavement in corners. Yesterday we had a nasty snow and ice storm, and I drove 4 hours through it, which gave me a lot of time...
  2. 07 FJ Cruiser, Absolute Gem, Low Mileage, Calgary Alberta Area $25,500 (cad) OBO

    Vehicles For Sale
    Beautiful 2007 Silver FJ Cruiser 6M 4X4. Approximately 91,000 km (~55,000 miles). In amazing shape with aftermarket front and rear bumpers and rock sliders all Line-X coated after sandblasting. Aftermarket Pioneer stereo with phone, Bluetooth and camera. PIAA Fog Lights, LED light bar, A-track...
  3. Terrible gas mileage!

    Engine Performance
    I need some help. My Fj gets about 10mpg no matter what kind of driving I do. It’s an 07 6spd manual and has 120k miles. Before I go anywhere I am getting a PO430 code, which I believe is tied to my issue. I will say I do a lot more city driving than highway. But 10mpg can’t be right. My truck...