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  1. Shifter boot delete

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    I looked around to see if anyone had a post in regards to this before with no luck. If there is a link to something similar, it would be welcome. Over the weekend I decided to do some major detailing on the interior which led to me taking to center console apart/off. Upon restoring everything...
  2. 6 Speed Question

    Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    Hey guys. I just had a pretty simple question that I haven't been able to find an answer to on the forums at the moment (probably there, just couldn't find it haha). Anyway, I drive the 6 speed FJ and was wondering if anyone had done it or knew how to remove the rubber ball that Toyota used on...
  3. 2007 FJ - 4x4 - Manual - Yellow - 91,XXX miles - SoCal - $18,500 OBO

    Vehicles For Sale
    2007 FJ - 4x4 - Manual - Yellow - 91,XXX miles - SoCal - $17,500 OBO Hey Guys! New to the forum! Trying to help my pops sell his 2007 FJ. Clean. Manual. 4x4. Body is in great condition, minus a small crack in the windshield, which is out of the driver's sight line. Interior in good condition...